Hosea 4
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1Hear the word of LORD JEHOVAH, children of Israel, because LORD JEHOVAH has a judgment with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, neither grace, nor the knowledge of God in the land

2A curse and lying and murder and theft and adultery have increased, and they have mixed blood with blood

3Because of this the land shall dwell in mourning and all its inhabitants shall mourn, and the beast of the wilderness and the bird of Heaven, also the fish that are in the sea shall be consumed

4Because a man does not judge, neither does he rebuke, and your people dispute like a Priest

5And you have stumbled in the daytime and the Prophet of your people stumbled also in the night and your mother has been silent

6My people is silent because there it has no knowledge, for you have rejected knowledge and I shall reject you from the Priesthood, and you have forgotten the law of your God; I also shall forget your children

7for little according to their multitude, so they sinned, and their honor they exchanged

8They consumed the sin of my people and their souls have offered their evil

9And the Priest was like the people, and I shall visit upon them their ways, and their works I shall pay them

10And they shall eat and they will not be satisfied; they fornicated and they have not increased, because they have forsaken the LORD JEHOVAH

11And they loved fornication, and wine and drunkenness have taken their heart

12My people inquires of its mind and its rod shows him, because the spirit of fornication has seduced them and they have turned from their God

13On tops of the mountains they have done sacrifice and upon the hills they placed sweet spices, under oak or poplar or terebinth, because its shade is excellent, because of this your daughters will commit whoredom and your brides shall commit adultery

14I shall not visit your daughters when they will be whores, neither your brides when they shall commit adultery, because these are mingled with fornicators, and they sacrifice with those going out to the streets; the people without understanding embraces a whore

15But you, Israel, you shall not condemn Yehuda, and you shall not go to Galgala, and you shall not go up to Bayth Awan and you shall not swear: ”Living is LORD JEHOVAH!”

16Because, like a cow that slipped out from a yoke, so Israel slips out, and from now on LORD JEHOVAH will shepherd them as lambs in a wide expanse

17Aphreim is a partner of idols; leave him!

18All of them have committed whoredom and they loved disgrace and fear

19The Spirit shall bind them up with their wings, and they will be ashamed of their altars

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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