Isaiah 27
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1In that day LORD JEHOVAH shall visit with the hard and great and powerful sword against Leviathan, the serpent dragon, and against Leviathan the winding serpent, and he shall kill that dragon in the sea

2In that day answer him, vineyard of wine

3I, LORD JEHOVAH, keep it constantly. I shall water it and I shall visit it in the night, and in the day I shall keep it

4You have no wall, but who put a tangle of thorns in you and thorns in proximity? I shall breathe on it and I shall burn it together

5Or let him seize on my strength and I shall make peace with him. I shall make peace with him

6Those who are from the root of Yaqob shall flourish, and Israel shall bud, and they shall fill the face of the world with fruit

7As the blow that hit him, he struck him, and as the killer who killed him, he killed him

8With a bushel measure that I shall measure, you shall judge him with what he devises in his hard spirit in a heated day

9Because of this, in this the evil of Yaqob shall be forgiven, and by all these fruits his sin shall pass away, when he lays down all the stones of the altar as lime stones that are pulverized; thus idols and dreaded things shall not be erected

10Because the powerful city is alone, desolate, forsaken and waste as a wilderness. The calf will feed there and there he shall feed and shall finish its sprouts of grass

11In the dry land of the harvest the women who come setting fire to it shall be broken, because the people was without understanding; because of this he shall not have mercy upon it. Its Maker and its Fashioner will not hover over it

12And it will be in that day, LORD JEHOVAH shall beat from the channel of the river and unto the river of Egypt and you shall be gathered to each other, children of Israel! 13And it shall be in day that it shall be sounded on the great trumpet, and they that have been lost in the land of Egypt and who were scattered in the land of Assyria shall come, and they shall worship LORD JEHOVAH in the land of LORD JEHOVAH, in his holy mountain in Jerusalem!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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