Isaiah 28
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1Woe to the glorious crown of the drunkard Aphreim, and to the shameful garland, the power of his glory that is at the head of the heavenly valley of those who are confused with wine!

2Behold, the power and the strength of LORD JEHOVAH are like a strong rain of hail and like a crushing hurricane, and like the strong rain of many waters that overflow! I shall give rest to the land by your hand.

3And by the foot shall be trodden the pompous crown of the drunkard Aphreim

4And the shameful garland, the power of his glory that is at the head of the heavenly valley will be like the first fruits before the summer, which when whoever sees it while this is in his hand, eats it

5In that day LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts shall be for the crown of the army and for a glorious garland and for the remnant of his people

6For The Spirit of judgment to him who sits for judgment and the mighty men who turn war away from the gates

7Also these have erred by wine and by liquor. the Priests have erred and the Prophets have erred by strong drink. They were swallowed up by wine they trembled from liquor. They have erred in drunkenness. They ate gluttonously.

8Because all the tables are filled with vomit and excrement for lack of a room

9To whom will he teach knowledge and to whom will he explain the report? To those weaned from milk and drawn from the breasts

10Because reply on reply and reply on reply and answer on answer and answer on answer, a little here and a little there

11Because with difficult speech and in another language I shall speak with this people

12For I said to them: “This is my rest. Give rest to the troubled and this is the stillness”, and they chose not to hear

13And the Word of LORD JEHOVAH to them was: “Reply on reply, reply on reply and answer on answer, and answer on answer. A little here and a little there, that they shall turn and they shall be overthrown and they shall be broken, and they shall be captured and they shall be seized”

14Because of this, hear the answer of LORD JEHOVAH: mockers, Rulers of this people in Jerusalem:

15Because you have said: “We have covenanted a covenant with death and with Sheol we have made a bond. When an overwhelming scourge shall pass through, it will not come upon us, because we have put our trust in lies and we have taken refuge in lying!"

16Because of this, so says LORD JEHOVAH God: “Behold, I furnish in Zion a stone, an approved stone in the corner, precious, best, a wall of the foundation. He who believes shall not be afraid

17And I shall set judgment for measurement and righteousness to the scale, and hail shall beat the false hope and water shall overflow the refuge

18And your covenant with death shall wiped out and your bond with Sheol shall not stand. When the overwhelming scourge will pass through, you will be for treading under foot

19And at the time that it passes it will take you, because morning to morning it shall pass through, by day and by night there shall be terror. Only consider the report

20Because the garment is shortened to cover him and the weaver shuttle has contracted and is incomplete

21Because LORD JEHOVAH shall rise up on a mountain in a gap like the valley of Gebun. He shall be passionate to do his works, his strange works, and to do his acts, his strange acts

22And now you shall not mock, so that your discipline will not be severe, because I have heard the end and the judgment on all the Earth from LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts!

23Pay attention and hear my voice! Pay attention and hear my speech!

24Does a farmer plough all day to sow and turn over and break up his ground?

25Is it not whenever he levels its surface, he scatters the fennel, and he sows cumin, and casts wheat and barley and rye at its borders?

26We shall instruct him in the judgment of God, and we shall praise him!

27Because the fennel is not trodden in threshing, neither is a thresher turned around on the cumin, because the fennel is beaten out with a staff, and the cumin with a rod

28Grain is trodden for our sake, because it was not profitable to tread. He has trodden it and with the many wheels of his threshers and by his hooves will break it in pieces

29Also this has come forth from before LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts. A wonder of intelligence has amplified growth!

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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