Isaiah 3
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Because, behold, THE LORD OF LORDS takes away from Jerusalem and from Yehuda the male supporter and the female supporter, every supply of bread and every supply of water

2And the mighty man and the Warrior and the Judge and the Prophet and the Soothsayer and the Elder

3And the Captain of fifty and the honored faces and the Counselor and the wise Carpenter and the discerning ones in counsel

4And I shall raise up young men as their Princes, and mockers shall have dominion over them

5And the people shall fall, man against man, a man against his fellow man, and young man shall contend against the old and the dishonorable against the honorable

6Because a man will seize a man, his brother, from the house of his father, and shall say to him: ‘The robe is for you; be a Ruler for us; this subversion is under your hand!’

7And he shall answer in that day and shall say: ‘I am no Ruler, for in my house there is no bread, neither a cloak. Do not make me a Ruler over the people!’

8Because Jerusalem has been subverted and Yehuda has fallen, because their tongues and the work of their hands rebelled before LORD JEHOVAH and against the clouds of his honor

9Their favoritism is a witness against them, and they have shown their sins as Sadom and they are not hidden. Woe to their souls, for they have set for themselves evil rewards!

10Speak good to the righteous; because of this they shall eat the fruit of their works

11Woe, evil comes to the wicked, because the work of his hands is rewarded!

12The Rulers of my people glean it, and women are authorized over my people. Announcing good news to you, they seduce you, and they have agitated the way of your paths

13LORD JEHOVAH stands to judge and he stands to judge his people

14LORD JEHOVAH shall enter into judgment with the Elders of his people and with its Rulers. You have burned up the vineyard and the spoils of the poor in your houses

15Why have you harmed my people and shamed the faces of the poor, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts?

16For the daughters of Zion are lifted up and walk with a high neck and with winking of the eyes. They are walking and shaking wildly with their legs and are excited

17LORD JEHOVAH will bring low the heads of the daughters of Zion and LORD JEHOVAH shall strip their bodies naked

18In that day LORD JEHOVAH shall remove the glory of their garments and of their ornaments and of their braids 19And the globes of their hair and their plaited hair 20And their foreheads and the decorations of their faces and their earrings and their necklaces and their ankle chains 21And their sleeveless coats and their chains 22And their linen coats and their long robes and their fine white linen and their purple 23And their long garments and all their dark blue and scarlet and red and their ornaments

24And there will be dust in place of their sweet perfume, and instead of a girdle of their loins, a sawing apron, and instead of plaited hair, baldness, and instead of their dark blue they shall be covered in sackcloth, because their beauty shall be destroyed

25And by the sword your strong ones shall fall, and your mighty ones in war

26And her gates shall howl in mourning, and her victory shall fall to the ground

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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