Jeremiah 37
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1And Tsedeqia the King, son of Yoshiah, reigned in the place of Yokania, son of Yoiqim, whom Nebukadnetsar King of Babel made King in the land of Judea 2And he and his Servants and the people of the land did not listen to the statement of LORD JEHOVAH that he spoke by Jeremiah the Prophet

3And King Tsedeqia sent Yukal, son of Shelamiah, and Tsephenia, son of Massia the Priest, to Jeremiah the Prophet, saying: ‘Pray for us before LORD JEHOVAH your God!’ 4And Jeremiah was coming in and going out in the midst of the people, and they had not thrown him into the house of prisoners 5And the army of Pharaoh went out from Egypt and heard the report of the Chaldeans who surround Jerusalem, and they removed themselves from Jerusalem

6And the response of LORD JEHOVAH came on Jeremiah the Prophet, saying: 7“Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, thus you shall say to the King of Judea who sent you to me, that you would inquire of me: “Behold the army of Pharaoh that went out to help you has returned to his land into Egypt 8And the Chaldeans shall return and they shall fight with this city, and they shall conquer her and they shall burn her in fire’ 9Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘You shall not hope in your souls and say, "The Chaldeans are going away from us”, because they are not going away 10Because if you destroy all the army of the Chaldeans who fight with you, and men who are wounded shall be left among them, they would arise, each man, from his tent, and would burn this city in fire’

11And the army of the Chaldeans departed from Jerusalem from before the army of Pharaoh 12And Jeremiah went out from Jerusalem to go to the land of Benyamin, to divide there a portion with the people 13And when he was standing in the gate of Benyamin, there was a man, the Commander there, and his name was Neriah son of Shelamiah, son of KhananYah, and he seized Jeremiah the Prophet and said to him, “You are escaping to the Chaldeans!” 14And Jeremiah said to him: “You lie! I do not flee to the Chaldeans!” And he did not listen to him, and Neriah held Jeremiah and brought him to the Princes 15And the Princes were angry with Jeremiah and they scourged him and they threw him into the house of prisoners in the house of Jonathan the Scribe, because they made him Chief of Prisoners 16And they threw Jeremiah from the opening of the pit into the pit, and Jeremiah was there many days

17And King Tsedeqia sent and he brought him up and the King asked him in the house secretly and he said to him: "Has a word gone out from before LORD JEHOVAH?" And Jeremiah said, "It has gone out”, and the King said, "What sort went out?" And he said: "Into the hand of the King of Babel you shall be handed over" 18And Jeremiah said to King Tsedeqia: "What have I sinned against you and against your Servants and against this people that you have thrown me in the house of prisoners? 19And where are your Prophets who have been prophesying to you and saying, ‘The King of Babel is not coming for you and for this’ land?’ 20Now hear me my Lord King, and my request shall be laid before you, and do not return me to the house of Jonathan the Scribe, that I will not die there" 21And King Tsedeqia commanded and they left Jeremiah the Prophet in the court of the house of prisoners and they gave him a loaf of bread by day from the street of the Baker until all the bread was consumed from the city, and Jeremiah dwelt in the court of the house of prisoners

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