Jeremiah 41
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1And in the seventh month, Ishmayl, son of Nethaniah, son of Ishmayl, of the seed of the kingdom, and the Princes of the King and twenty men with him came to Gedaliah, son of Akhiqam, at Metspaya, and they ate bread there together in Metspaya 2And Ishmayl, son of Nethaniah, stood, he and twenty men who came with him, and they struck Gedaliah son of Akhiqam, son of Shaphan, with the sword, and they killed him whom the King of Babel authorized in the land 3And Ishmayl killed all the Jews who were with Gedaliah in Metspaya and the Chaldeans who were found there, also the men warriors

4And no man heard, and on the second day after Gedaliah was killed 5Men from Shekeem came, and from Shiloh, and from Samaria, eighty men whose beards were shaven off, and their clothes Egyptian and dirty, and offerings and frankincense in their hands to bring to the house of LORD JEHOVAH 6And Ishmayl son of Nethaniah went out walking to meet them from Metspaya, and he went on and was weeping, and when he fell down to them, he said to them: “Come to Gedaliah the son of Akhiqam!” 7And when they entered within the city, Ishmayl, son of Nethaniah, slaughtered them and cast them into a pit, he and the men who were with him 8And ten men were found with them and they were saying to Ishmayl: “Do not kill us, because we have stores in a field of wheat, and of barley, and oil, and honey!”, and he left them, and he did not kill them with their brethren

9And the pit in which Ishmayl threw all the corpses of the men whom he killed with Gedaliah, was that which Asa King of Judea made from before Baasha King of Israel. That was the pit that Ishmayl son of Nethaniah filled with the slain 10And Ishmayl carried away captive all the rest of the people who were in Metsraya whom Nebuzaradan, the High Guard to Gedaliah, son of Akhiqam, delivered. And Ishmayl son of Nethaniah carried them away captive, and he went on to the crossing of the children of Amon

11And Yokhanan son of Qorakh heard, and all of the Generals of the armies of his people, about all the captives that Ishmayl son of Nethaniah took 12And he took all the men and they went to fight with Ishmayl, son of Nethaniah, and they found him on the many waters that are in Gebun 13And when all the people who were with Ishmayl saw Yokhanan, son of Qorakh, and all the Generals of the armies who were with him, they rejoiced 14And all the people that Ishmayl took captive from Metspaya returned and they came to Yokhanan, son of Qorakh 15And Ishmayl son of Nethaniah escaped with eight men from before Yokhanan, and he went on to the children of Amon 16And Yokhanan son of Qorakh and all the Generals of the armies who were with him led all the rest of the people that he returned from the presence of Ishmayl, son of Nethaniah, from Metspaya, after Ishmayl killed Gedaliah son of Akhiqam, and took the men warriors and the women and the children and the Eunuchs that he returned from Gebun 17And he went on and sat down at the threshing floors of Bemham that was beside Bayth Lekhem to go to enter Egypt 18From before the Chaldeans, for they were afraid of them, because Ishmayl, son of Nethaniah, killed Gedaliah, son of Akhiqam, whom the King of Babel had authorized in the land of Judea

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