Job 24
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Why do the evil not hide themselves from the presence of God, and they are famous and they have not seen their days?

2And the border they have removed and the flock they have taken

3And male donkeys of orphans they have taken and they pawn the ox of a widow

4The evil have hidden themselves by the road, and the meek of the Earth hide themselves together

5As wild donkeys in the wilderness that rise early for food, for bread for their young

6And in the field hay that is not theirs they will reap, and the vineyard of the wicked they will gather

7Spending the night naked for lack of clothing and without a cloak in the cold

8From the downpour of the mountains they will be wet and from lack of refuge, they will embrace stones

9They seize some pillage of orphans, and on the poor they set desolations

10Naked they walked for lack of clothing and the hungry picked up bread

11And in the house of banquets they stoop and are hungry while carrying a basket and a measure, and in time they will hunger in their feasts; treading they will tread and be thirsty

12From within the city the dying will groan, and the soul of the slain will cry out, and God will not receive their prayer

13Those have been in lofty dwellings of light and they did not know his ways, and they did not walk in his steps

14In the light stands a killer and he kills the poor and the afflicted and is as a thief by night

15And eyes of adulterers watch for darkness and they say: “Eyes will not see”, and he conceals his face in darkness

16He breaks into houses in darkness and by day marks them so that they will not see the light

17Therefore they sought for themselves the shadow of death, and they found it, and the shadows of death terrified them

18Quickly and upon the face of the waters will be carried away their portion in the earth, in the road of the vine dressers

19Drought and heat will seize the waters of the snow, into Sheol they have sinned

20And they were forgotten from the womb; the worm sucked them and the dead will not be remembered again, and the evil one will be broken like wood

21The barren evil woman shall not bear; they have not done good to the widow

22And the property of a mighty one shall stand by his power, and he will not believe in a vision

23And he will dwell in quietness and his eyes will be confident also on their ways

24They will be lifted up a little and they are not, and they will be humbled and all the provokers will be destroyed, and like the head of blades of wheat they dry out and will be crumbled

25And if it was not his anger, he will convict me of lying, and my word shall be considered before God”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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