Judges 10
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1And after Abimelek, Tula, son of Pua, son of his paternal uncle, a man of Issakar, arose to save Israel, and he was dwelling in Shamir, the Mount of Aphreim 2And he judged Israel twenty and three years and he died, and he was buried in Shamir

3And Yair the Galadite arose after him, and he judged Israel twenty and two years 4And he had thirty sons, and they were riding on thirty colts and they had thirty towns and called them the Hamlets of Yair until today, which is in the land of Gelad 5And Yair died and he was buried in Qamun

6And the children of Israel continued to do evil before LORD JEHOVAH, and they served Baal and Astharatha and the gods of Adum, and the gods of Tsaydan, and the gods of Moab, and the gods of the children of Amon, and the gods of the Philistines and the gods of the rest of the nations, and they forsook LORD JEHOVAH and they did not serve him 7And the anger of LORD JEHOVAH was provoked against Israel and he delivered them into the hands of the Philistines and into the hands of the children of Amon 8And they forced and oppressed the children of Israel eighteen years from that year, all the children of Israel that were at the crossing of Jordan in the land of the Amorites that is in Gelad 9And the sons of Amon crossed the Jordan to fight with Yehuda, also with the sons of Aphreim and Benjamin, and it was very distressing to Israel

10And the sons of Israel cried out to LORD JEHOVAH and they were saying: “We have sinned against you, for we abandoned our God and we have served Baal!” 11And LORD JEHOVAH said to the sons of Israel: “Did not the Egyptians and Moabites and the children of Amon and the Philistines 12And the Tsidonians and Ameliq and Amun oppress you, and you cried out to me and I delivered you from their hands? 13And you forsook me and you served other gods! Because of this I will not continue again to deliver you 14Go pray to the gods with which you are pleased; they shall be Saviors for you in the time of your distress” 15And the sons of Israel said to LORD JEHOVAH: “We have sinned against you; you do to us the thing that is excellent in your eyes, only deliver us today!” 16And the children of Israel removed the foreign gods from among them, and they served LORD JEHOVAH, because the soul of Israel had lost heart

17And the sons of Amon assembled and they camped in Galad, and the sons of Israel assembled and they camped in Mezpaya 18And the people, the Princes of Gelad, said, each man to his fellow: “The man who will begin to fight with the sons of Amon shall be Prince to all dwellers of Gelad”

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