Judges 17
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1And there was one man from the Mountain of Aphreim and his name was Mikah 2And he said to his mother: “The one thousand and one hundred silver pieces that were taken from you and you swore, also you spoke in my ear, I took that money.” And his mother said, “Blessed is my son of LORD JEHOVAH!” 3And he returned the one thousand one hundred silver pieces to his mother, and his mother said: “I have certainly hallowed the silver to LORD JEHOVAH from the hands of my son, that I will make a carved and smelted image, and now return it to me.” 4And he returned the silver to his mother, and his mother took two hundred money pieces and she gave them to a Silversmith, and he made a carved and smelted image, and it was in the house of Mikah 5And the man Mikah had a house of gods, and he made an ephod and a breastplate, and he consecrated the hand of one of his sons, and he was a Priest to him 6In those days there was not a King in Israel, and every man was doing whatever was good in his eyes

7And there was a young man from Bayth Lekhem of Yehuda, and his name was Levi, and he was dwelling there 8And the man went on from the city of Bayth Lekhem of Yehuda to dwell where he could, and he arrived at the Mountain of Aphreim at the house of Mikah to make his way 9And Mikah said to him: “From where have you come?” The Levite said to him: “I am from Bayth Lekhem of Yehuda, and I am going on to stay where I can” 10Mikah said to him: “Dwell with me and be as a Father and a Priest for me, and I shall give you ten pieces of silver for the days, and your garments and your provisions.” And Levi went in 11And he was persuaded to dwell with the man, and the young man was as one of his sons to him 12And Mikah consecrated the hand of Levi, and he was a Priest to him, and he belonged to the house of Mikah 13And Mikah said: “Now I know that LORD JEHOVAH will do good to me, for I have a Levite Priest.”

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