Micah 1
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1The word of LORD JEHOVAH that was upon Micah the Marashite in the days of Yotham and of Akhaz and of Khezeqia, Kings of Judea, that he saw about Samaria and about Jerusalem

2Hear all you nations and listen Earth in its fullness, and The Lord of Lords will be a witness among you, LORD JEHOVAH from the temple of his holiness

3Because, behold, LORD JEHOVAH comes out from his place and comes down and treads on the height of the Earth

4And the mountains shall melt under him and the depths shall gush out like wax from before the fire and like waters that run down a descent

5All these things are because of the evil of Yaqob and because of the sin of the house of Israel. What is the evil of Yaqob but Samaria, and what is the sin of Yehuda but Jerusalem?

6And I shall make Samaria the place of the land of a field and the planting of a vineyard and I shall pile up its stones in a heap and I shall expose its foundations

7And all its carved images will be broken to be broken, and all of its idols shall be burned in fire, and all of its idols I shall make into desolation, because from the price of a harlot they were gathered, and to the price of a harlot they shall return

8Because of these things I shall mourn, and I shall howl, and I walk barefoot and naked, and I make a wailing like that of a jackal and I shall grieve like that of a daughter of a jackal

9Because her plague is painful and has arrived unto Yehuda, and I have brought it unto the door of my people Jerusalem

10In Gath you shall not rejoice, and you shall not weep to weep in the house of Uphra! Roll in the dust!

11Serve me yourself, inhabitant of Shaphir. Naked you went out and you were not ashamed, inhabitant of Zoan; the mourning of the house of Uutsil shall go up from you, its plague

12Because the inhabitant who rebelled is weakened for good, because his evil came down from before LORD JEHOVAH on the gates of Jerusalem

13You harnessed chariots of horses, inhabitant of Lakish; the beginning of sin belongs to the daughter of Zion, because in you were found the sins of Israel

14Because of this, you shall give forgiveness for an inheritance of Gath; households of emptiness have been for emptiness to the Kings of Israel

15I shall bring to you again the Heir, inhabitant of Marasha! Unto eternity he shall bring in the honor of Israel

16Pull out hair and shave for the children of your indulgence; enlarge your baldness like that of an eagle, because they are taken away captive from you

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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