Numbers 17
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 2“Speak with the children of Israel and take a rod from them, a rod for the house of the fathers from the presence of all their Princes, for the house of their fathers, twelve rods, and write a man’s name on his rod. 3And write the Name of Ahron on the rod of Levi, because each tribe is for the house of their fathers. 4And put them in the Time Tabernacle in front of the Testimony, there where I meet with you. 5And it shall be that the rod of the man with whom I am pleased shall bud and I shall remove from me the complaining of the children of Israel, who are complaining against you.” 6And Moshe told the children of Israel and all their Princes gave him a rod, a rod for a Ruler, twelve rods for all the house of their fathers, and the rod of Ahron was in the center of their rods. 7And Moshe laid the rods in front of LORD JEHOVAH in the Tabernacle of the Testimony.

8And the next day Moshe entered the Tabernacle of the Testimony and he saw that the rod of Ahron of the house of Levi budded, and it put out leaves and it produced almonds. 9And Moshe brought out all the rods before LORD JEHOVAH to all of the children of Israel and they saw and each man took his rod. 10And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Return the rod of Ahron before the Testimony to be kept for a sign to the rebellious children, that their complaining will cease from me and they will not die.” 11And Moshe did as LORD JEHOVAH ordered him; thus he did.

12And the children of Israel said to Moshe: “Behold, we are finished and we are destroyed and we all are ended. 13And everyone who comes near to the Tabernacle of LORD JEHOVAH dies, and behold, we also have come out to die.”

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