Psalm 116
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1I have loved LORD JEHOVAH who will hear the voice of my prayer.

2And he will incline his ear to me in the day when I shall call him.

3Because the pains of death surrounded me and the afflictions of Sheol had arrived, I had found misery and affliction.

4I called The Name of LORD JEHOVAH; oh, LORD JEHOVAH, save my soul!

5You are merciful, LORD JEHOVAH, and righteous, and oh, God, you are compassionate!

6He keeps the young children. LORD JEHOVAH humbled me and he saved me.

7Return, my soul, to your rest, because of LORD JEHOVAH.

8Because you have saved my soul from death and my feet from dislocations.

9I shall be pleasing before you, oh, God, in the land of the living.

10I have believed and I have spoken, and I have been very humbled.

11I have said in my agitation, "Every man is false!"

12What shall I pay LORD JEHOVAH for all his rewards unto me?

13I shall take the cup of salvation and I shall call upon The Name of LORD JEHOVAH.

14I shall pay my vows to LORD JEHOVAH before all the people!

15Precious in the eyes of LORD JEHOVAH is the death of his righteous people!

16Oh, LORD JEHOVAH, I am your Servant; I am your Servant, the son of your Maid Servant! You have taken off my shackles from me!

17I shall offer you sacrifices of praise and I shall call on The Name of LORD JEHOVAH.

18I shall pay my vows to LORD JEHOVAH before all his people

19In the court of the House of LORD JEHOVAH and within you, oh Jerusalem!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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