Psalm 31
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1I have hoped in you, LORD JEHOVAH; I shall never be disappointed; deliver me in your righteousness!

2Incline your ear to me and answer me quickly; be a helper to me, Oh God, and the house of my refuge, and save me!

3Because you are my strength and the house of my refuge, comfort me, LORD JEHOVAH, for your Name's sake!

4And take me from this net they have hid for me, because you are my protector.

5To you I have committed my spirit, and you have saved me, LORD JEHOVAH, God of truth!

6You have hated those who observe empty worship, and I have hoped in you, LORD JEHOVAH.

7I shall exult and rejoice in your kindness, for you have seen my affliction, and you have known the affliction of my soul.

8And you have not delivered me into the hand of my enemies; you have set my feet in an expanse.

9Show mercy upon me, LORD JEHOVAH, because I have grief; my eye is troubled with grief; my soul and my belly.

10Because my life is consumed in misery and my years in sighings; my power is weakened in poverty and my bones are troubled.

11I have been the reproach of all my enemies, to my neighbors, and a dread to those who know me, and those who see me in the street have been turning away from me.

12I am forgotten, like one dead to the heart, and I have been like a lost item.

13Because I heard the scheme of many when they counseled against me together and they conceived to take my life.

14But I have trusted upon you, LORD JEHOVAH, and I have said, "You are my God, LORD JEHOVAH.”

15And the times are in your hands; save me from my enemies and from those who persecute me.

16Shine your face upon your Servant and save me in your kindness.

17LORD JEHOVAH, I shall not be ashamed that I called you; the wicked shall be ashamed and they shall descend into Sheol.

18And the lips of the evil shall be stopped, for they speak lies and insanity against the righteous.

19How great is your kindness which you keep for your worshipers, for them that hope in you before the children of men!

20You will hide them in the shelter of your presence; from the trouble of the children of men you will hide them from strife in your shadow.

21Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH who has chosen The Elect Ones for himself in the strong city.

22I have said in my haste, "I am destroyed from before your eyes”, and you heard the voice of my prayer when I cried out to you.

23Love LORD JEHOVAH, his righteous ones; LORD JEHOVAH keeps the faithful and he pays to the evil their works.

24Be strong, and your hearts will be strengthened, all who hope in LORD JEHOVAH.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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