Psalm 85
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1You have delighted, LORD JEHOVAH, in your land and you have turned the captivity of Jacob!

2You have forgiven the evil of your people and you have covered all their sins!

3And you have removed all your anger and you have turned away the heat of your wrath!

4Restore us, oh God our Savior, and cancel your wrath from us!

5Do not be angry against us for eternity and do not keep your wrath for a generation of generations!

6But do restore us and give us life, and your people will rejoice in you!

7Show us your kindness, LORD JEHOVAH, and give us your salvation,

8That we may hear what LORD JEHOVAH God speaks, who speaks peace with his people and with his righteous ones, lest they turn their back!

9His salvation is near his worshipers; his honor will encamp in our land!

10Favor and truth are reconciled; righteousness and peace will kiss!

11Faith will sprout from the Earth and righteousness looked out from Heaven!

12Also LORD JEHOVAH will give his precious things and Earth will give its harvests!

13And the righteous one will walk before him and he will establish his steps in the Earth!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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