Jeremiah 31
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1“At that time,” a declaration of YHWH, “I am the God of all families of Israel, "" And they are My people.”

2Thus said YHWH: “A people remaining from the sword "" Have found grace in the wilderness "" When Israel went to find rest.”

3YHWH has appeared to me from afar, “I have loved you with perpetual love, "" Therefore I have drawn you [with] kindness.

4I build you again, "" And you have been built, "" O virgin of Israel, "" You put on your tambourines again, "" And have gone out in the chorus of the playful.

5You plant vineyards in mountains of Samaria again, "" Planters have planted, and made common.

6For there is a day, "" Watchmen have cried on Mount Ephraim, "" Rise, and we go up to Zion, to our God YHWH”;

7For thus said YHWH: “Sing [with] joy for Jacob, "" And cry aloud at the head of the nations, "" Sound, praise, and say, "" Save, O YHWH, Your people, the remnant of Israel.

8Behold, I am bringing them in from the north country, "" And have gathered them from the sides of the earth, "" Blind and lame [are] among them, "" Conceiving and travailing one—together, "" A great assembly—they return here.

9They come in with weeping, "" And I bring them with supplications, "" I cause them to go to streams of waters, "" In a right way—they do not stumble in it, "" For I have been a Father to Israel, "" And Ephraim—he [is] My firstborn.”

10Hear a word of YHWH, O nations, "" And declare among the far off in the islands, and say: He who is scattering Israel gathers him, "" And has kept His flock as a shepherd,

11For YHWH has ransomed Jacob, "" And redeemed him from a hand stronger than he.

12And they have come in, "" And have sung in the high place of Zion, "" And flowed to the goodness of YHWH, "" For wheat, and for new wine, and for oil, "" And for the young of the flock and herd, "" And their soul has been as a watered garden, "" And they do not add to grieve anymore.

13“Then a virgin rejoices in a chorus, "" Both young men and old men—together, "" And I have turned their mourning to joy, "" And have comforted them, "" And gladdened them above their sorrow,

14And satisfied the soul of the priests [with] fatness, "" And My people are satisfied with My goodness,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

15Thus said YHWH: “A voice is heard in Ramah, "" Wailing [and] the weeping of bitterness, "" Rachel is weeping for her sons, "" She has refused to be comforted for her sons, because they are not.”

16Thus said YHWH: “Withhold your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, "" For there is a reward for your work,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And they have turned back from the land of the enemy.

17And there is hope for your latter end,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And the sons have turned back [to] their border.

18I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself, "" You have disciplined me, "" And I am disciplined, as a heifer [that is] not taught, "" Turn me back, and I turn back, "" For You [are] my God YHWH.

19For after my turning back I regretted, "" And after my being instructed I struck on the thigh, "" I have been ashamed, I have also blushed, "" For I have borne the reproach of my youth.

20Is Ephraim a precious son to Me? A child of delights? For since My speaking against him, "" I still thoroughly remember him, "" Therefore My bowels have been moved for him, "" I love him greatly,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

21“Set up signs for yourself, "" Make heaps for yourself, "" Set your heart to the highway, the way you went, "" Turn back, O virgin of Israel, "" Turn back to these cities of yours.

22Until when do you withdraw yourself, O backsliding daughter? For YHWH has prepared a new thing in the land, "" Woman surrounds man.”

23Thus said YHWH of Hosts, God of Israel: “Still they say this word in the land of Judah, "" And in its cities, "" In My turning back [to] their captivity, "" YHWH blesses you, habitation of righteousness, "" Mountain of holiness.

24And farmers have dwelt in Judah, "" And in all its cities together, "" And they have journeyed in order. 25For I have satiated the weary soul, "" And I have filled every grieved soul.” 26On this I have awoken, and I behold, and my sleep has been sweet to me.

27“Behold, days are coming,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And I have sown the house of Israel, "" And the house of Judah, "" With seed of man and seed of beast. 28And it has been, as I watched over them to pluck up, "" And to break down, and to throw down, "" And to destroy, and to afflict; So I watch over them to build, and to plant,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

29“In those days they no longer say: Fathers have eaten unripe fruit, "" And the sons’ teeth are blunted.

30But—each dies for his own iniquity, "" Every man who is eating the unripe fruit, "" His teeth are blunted.

31Behold, days are coming,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And I have made a new covenant "" With the house of Israel "" And with the house of Judah, 32Not like the covenant that I made with their fathers, "" In the day of My laying hold on their hand, "" To bring them out of the land of Egypt, "" In that they made My covenant void, "" And I ruled over them,” "" A declaration of YHWH. 33“For this [is] the covenant that I make, "" With the house of Israel, after those days,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “I have given My law in their inward part, "" And I write it on their heart, "" And I have been their God, "" And they are My people. 34And they do not teach anymore "" Each his neighbor, and each his brother, "" Saying, Know YHWH, "" For they all know Me, from their least to their greatest,” "" A declaration of YHWH; “For I pardon their iniquity, "" And I make no more mention of their sin.”

35Thus said YHWH, "" Who is giving the sun for a light by day, "" The statutes of moon and stars for a light by night, "" Quieting the sea when its billows roar, "" YHWH of Hosts [is] His Name:

36“If these statutes depart from before Me,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “Even the seed of Israel ceases "" From being a nation before Me [for] all the days.”

37Thus said YHWH: “If the heavens above can be measured, "" And the foundations of earth searched below, "" Even I kick against all the seed of Israel, "" For all that they have done,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

38“Behold, days [are coming],” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And the city has been built for YHWH, "" From the Tower of Hananeel to the Corner Gate. 39And the measuring line has gone out again before it, over the height of Gareb, "" And it has gone around to Goah. 40And all the valley of the carcasses and of the ashes, "" And all the fields to the Brook of Kidron, "" To the corner of the Horse Gate eastward, "" [Are] holy to YHWH, "" It is not plucked up, "" Nor is it thrown down anymore for all time!”

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