Job 11
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1And Zophar the Naamathite answers and says:

2“Is a multitude of words not answered? And is a man of lips justified?

3Your boastings make men keep silent, "" You scorn, and none is causing blushing!

4And you say, My discourse [is] pure, "" And I have been clean in Your eyes.

5And yet, O that God had spoken! And opens His lips with you.

6And declares to you secrets of wisdom, for counsel has foldings. And know that God forgets of your iniquity for you.

7Do you find out God by searching? To perfection find out the Mighty One?

8Heights of the heavens—what [can] you do? Deeper than Sheol—what [can] you know?

9Its measure [is] longer than earth, and broader than the sea.

10If He passes on, and shuts up, and assembles, "" Who then reverses it?

11For He has known men of vanity, "" And He sees iniquity, "" And one does not consider [it]!

12And empty man is bold, "" And man is born [as] the colt of a wild donkey.

13If you have prepared your heart, "" And have spread out your hands to Him,

14If iniquity [is] in your hand, put it far off, "" And do not let perverseness dwell in your tents.

15For then you lift up your face from blemish, "" And you have been firm, and do not fear.

16For you forget misery, "" As waters passed away you remember.

17And age rises above the noon, "" You fly—you are as the morning.

18And you have trusted because there is hope, "" And searched—in confidence you lie down,

19And you have rested, "" And none is causing trembling, "" And many have begged [at] your face;

20And the eyes of the wicked are consumed, "" And refuge has perished from them, "" And their hope [is] a breathing out of soul!”

Literal Standard Version
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