Nahum 2
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1A scatterer has come up to your face, "" Keep the bulwark, watch the way, "" Strengthen the loins, strengthen power mightily.

2For YHWH has turned back to the excellence of Jacob, "" As [to] the excellence of Israel, "" For emptiers have emptied them out, "" And they have marred their branches.

3The shield of his mighty ones has become red, "" Men of might [are in] scarlet, "" With fiery torches [is] the chariot in a day of his preparation, "" And the firs have been caused to tremble.

4In out-places the chariots shine, "" They go to and fro in broad places, "" Their appearances [are] like torches, "" As lightnings they run.

5He remembers his majestic ones, "" They stumble in their goings, "" They hurry [to] its wall, "" And the covering is prepared.

6Gates of the rivers have been opened, "" And the palace is dissolved.

7And it is established—she has removed, "" She has been brought up, "" And her handmaids are leading as the voice of doves, "" Tabering on their hearts.

8And Nineveh [is] as a pool of waters, "" From of old it [is]—and they are fleeing! “Stand, stand”; and none is turning!

9Seize silver, seize gold, "" And there is no end to the prepared things, "" [To] the abundance of all desirable vessels.

10She is empty, indeed, emptiness and waste, "" And the heart has melted, "" And the knees have struck together, "" And great pain [is] in all loins, "" And the faces of all of them have gathered paleness.

11Where [is] the habitation of lionesses? And a feeding-place it [is] for young lions "" Where a lion has walked, an old lion, "" A lion’s whelp, and there is none troubling.

12The lion is tearing parts [for] his whelps, "" And is strangling for his lionesses, "" And he fills his holes [with] prey, "" And his habitations [with] torn flesh.

13“Behold, I [am] against you,” "" A declaration of YHWH of Hosts, "" “And I have burned its chariot in smoke, "" And a sword consumes your young lions, "" And I have cut off your prey from the land, "" And the voice of your messengers is not heard anymore!”

Literal Standard Version
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