Psalm 11
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1TO THE OVERSEER. BY DAVID. In YHWH I trusted, how do you say to my soul, “They moved to your mountain [as] the bird?”

2For behold, the wicked bend a bow, "" They have prepared their arrow on the string, "" To shoot in darkness at the upright in heart.

3When the foundations are destroyed, "" The righteous—what has he done?

4YHWH [is] in His holy temple: YHWH—His throne [is] in the heavens. His eyes see—His eyelids try the sons of men.

5YHWH tries the righteous. And the wicked and the lover of violence, "" His soul has hated,

6He pours on the wicked snares, fire, and brimstone, "" And a horrible wind [is] the portion of their cup.

7For YHWH [is] righteous, "" He has loved righteousness, "" His countenance sees the upright!

Literal Standard Version
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