Psalm 10
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1Why, YHWH, do You stand at a distance? Do You hide in times of adversity?

2Through the pride of the wicked, "" Is the poor inflamed, "" They are caught in schemes that they devised.

3Because the wicked has boasted "" Of the desire of his soul, "" And he has blessed a dishonest gainer, "" He has despised YHWH.

4The wicked does not inquire according to the height of his face. “There is no God!” [are] all his schemes.

5His ways writhe at all times, "" Your judgments [are] on high before him, "" All his adversaries—he puffs at them.

6He has said in his heart, “I am not moved, "" [And am] not in calamity to generation and generation.”

7His mouth is full of oaths, "" And deceits, and fraud: Under his tongue [is] perverseness and iniquity,

8He sits in an ambush of the villages, "" He slays the innocent in secret places. His eyes secretly watch for the afflicted,

9He lies in wait in a secret place, as a lion in a covert. He lies in wait to catch the poor, "" He catches the poor, drawing him into his net.

10He is bruised—he bows down, "" The afflicted has fallen by his mighty ones.

11He said in his heart, “God has forgotten, "" He has hid His face, "" He has never seen.”

12Arise, O YHWH! O God, lift up Your hand! Do not forget the humble.

13Why has the wicked despised God? He has said in his heart, “It is not required.”

14You have seen, "" For You behold perverseness and anger; By giving into Your hand, "" The afflicted leave [it] on You, "" You have been a helper of the fatherless.

15Break the arm of the wicked and the evil, "" Seek out his wickedness, find none;

16YHWH [is] King for all time and forever, "" The nations have perished out of His land!

17You have heard the desire of the humble, O YHWH. You prepare their heart; You cause Your ear to attend,

18To judge the fatherless and bruised: He adds no more to oppress—man of the earth!

Literal Standard Version
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