Psalm 7
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1A SHIGGAION OF DAVID, THAT HE SUNG TO YHWH CONCERNING THE WORDS OF CUSH, A BENJAMITE. O YHWH, my God, in You I have trusted, "" Save me from all my pursuers, and deliver me.

2Lest he tear my soul as a lion, "" Tearing, and there is no deliverer.

3O YHWH, my God, if I have done this, "" If there is iniquity in my hands,

4If I have done my well-wisher evil, "" And draw my adversary without cause,

5[Then] an enemy pursues my soul, and overtakes, "" And treads down my life to the earth, "" And places my glory in the dust. Selah.

6Rise, O YHWH, in Your anger, "" Be lifted up at the wrath of my adversaries, "" And awake Yourself for me: You have commanded judgment.

7And a congregation of peoples surround You, "" And over it turn back on high.

8YHWH judges the peoples; Judge me, O YHWH, "" According to my righteousness, "" And according to my integrity [that is] on me.

9Please let the evil of the wicked be ended, "" And establish the righteous, "" And a trier of hearts and reins is the righteous God.

10My shield [is] on God, "" Savior of the upright in heart!

11God [is] judging right, "" And He is not angry at all times.

12If [one] does not turn, "" He sharpens His sword, "" He has bent His bow [and] He prepares it,

13Indeed, He has prepared for Himself "" Instruments of death, "" He makes His arrows for burning pursuers.

14Behold, he travails [with] iniquity, "" And he has conceived perverseness, "" And has brought forth falsehood.

15He has prepared a pit, and he digs it, "" And he falls into a ditch he makes.

16His perverseness returns on his head, "" And his violence comes down on his crown.

17I thank YHWH, "" According to His righteousness, "" And I praise the Name of YHWH Most High!

Literal Standard Version
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