1 Corinthians 9
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The Rights of an Apostle

1Am I not free? am I not an apostle? have I not seen Jesus Christ our Lord? are not you become christians by my labour? 2if I am not an apostle to others, yet doubtless I am to you: for your being christians is the proof of my apostleship.

3my answer to those who call me to account, is this: 4have we not a right to meat and drink? 5have not we the liberty to take a christian woman with us in our travels, as well as the rest of the apostles, as the brothers of the Lord, and Cephas did? 6or I and Barnabas, are we only excluded the privilege of not working? 7who ever serves in war at his own charges? who plants a vineyard, and does not eat of the fruit? or who feeds a flock, and eats not of the milk of the flock?

8is this only the voice of reason? does not the law express the same too? 9for it is written in the law of Moses, "thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn." are oxen the objects of divine care? 10or is it said, no doubt, for our sakes? for our sakes, no doubt, this is written: that he who plows should plow in hope; and that he who thresheth should expect the advantage. 11if for your benefit we have sown spirituals, is it so extraordinary if we should reap some benefit from your temporals? 12if others partake of your substance, have not I a better title? nevertheless, I have not made use of this privilege; but bear with any thing rather than obstruct the gospel of Christ. 13don't you know, that they who prepare the sacrifices, do eat of the sacrifice in the temple? and they who wait at the altar, have their portion from the altar? 14even so has the Lord ordained, that they who preach the gospel, should live by the gospel.

15but I have not made use of these advantages, neither have I writ this to obtain such maintenance: for I had rather die for want, than be deprived of such matter of glorying. 16for in barely preaching the gospel, I have nothing to glory in: because I am under an obligation to do it; yea, wo is unto me if I preach not the gospel. 17now if I do this willingly, I have a reward: but if against my will, it is a dispensation of trust which must be discharged. 18whence then is my reward? why, from my preaching the gospel of Christ gratis, without making use of the privilege which the gospel gives me.

Paul the Servant to All

19for tho' I am independent of all men, yet have I subjected myself to all, that I might gain the more. 20to the Jews, I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain those who are under the law; 21to those who are without the law, as without that law, (not as being under no law to God, but as under the law to Christ) that I might gain those who are without the law. 22to the weak I became as weak, that I might gain the weak: I became all things to all men, that I might save all sorts of men. 23and I do all for the gospel's sake, that I may share in the benefits thereof.

Run Your Race to Win

24You know, that in a race, tho' all run, but one receives the prize: so run, that you may obtain. 25every one that strives for the mastery, is extremely temperate: now, they do it to obtain a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible one. 26I therefore so run, not as one that is distanc'd: I fight, but not with the air. 27but I mortify my body, and bring it into subjection: lest after having been a herald to others, I my self should be thrown out.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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