Psalm 132
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Psalm 132

A song of ascents.

1O Lord, for David’s sake remember

all his strenuous effort,

2and how he made a vow to the Lord,

and swore an oath to the powerful ruler of Jacob.

3He said, “I will not enter my own home,

or get into my bed.

4I will not allow my eyes to sleep,

or my eyelids to slumber,

5until I find a place for the Lord,

a fine dwelling place for the powerful ruler of Jacob.”

6Look, we heard about it in Ephrathah,

we found it in the territory of Jaar.

7Let us go to his dwelling place!

Let us worship before his footstool!

8Ascend, O Lord, to your resting place,

you and the ark of your strength!

9May your priests be clothed with integrity!

May your loyal followers shout for joy!

10For the sake of David, your servant,

do not reject your chosen king!

11The Lord made a reliable promise to David;

he will not go back on his word.

He said, “I will place one of your descendants on your throne.

12If your sons keep my covenant

and the rules I teach them,

their sons will also sit on your throne forever.”

13Certainly the Lord has chosen Zion;

he decided to make it his home.

14He said, “This will be my resting place forever;

I will live here, for I have chosen it.

15I will abundantly supply what she needs;

I will give her poor all the food they need.

16I will protect her priests,

and her godly people will shout exuberantly.

17There I will make David strong;

I have determined that my chosen king’s dynasty will continue.

18I will humiliate his enemies,

and his crown will shine.

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