Psalm 66
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Psalm 66

For the music director; a song, a psalm.

1Shout out praise to God, all the earth!

2Sing praises about the majesty of his reputation!

Give him the honor he deserves!

3Say to God:

“How awesome are your deeds!

Because of your great power your enemies cower in fear before you.

4All the earth worships you

and sings praises to you!

They sing praises to your name!” (Selah)

5Come and witness God’s exploits!

His acts on behalf of people are awesome!

6He turned the sea into dry land;

they passed through the river on foot.

Let us rejoice in him there!

7He rules by his power forever;

he watches the nations.

Stubborn rebels should not exalt themselves. (Selah)

8Praise our God, you nations!

Loudly proclaim his praise!

9He preserves our lives

and does not allow our feet to slip.

10For you, O God, tested us;

you purified us like refined silver.

11You led us into a trap;

you caused us to suffer.

12You allowed men to ride over our heads;

we passed through fire and water,

but you brought us out into a wide open place.

13I will enter your temple with burnt sacrifices;

I will fulfill the vows I made to you,

14which my lips uttered

and my mouth spoke when I was in trouble.

15I will offer up to you fattened animals as burnt sacrifices,

along with the smell of sacrificial rams.

I will offer cattle and goats. (Selah)

16Come! Listen, all you who are loyal to God!

I will declare what he has done for me.

17I cried out to him for help

and praised him with my tongue.

18If I had harbored sin in my heart,

the Lord would not have listened.

19However, God heard;

he listened to my prayer.

20God deserves praise,

for he did not reject my prayer

or abandon his love for me!

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