Job 41
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The LORD’s Power Shown in Leviathan

1(40:20) But wilt thou catch the serpent with a hook, and put a halter about his nose?

2(40:21) Or wilt thou fasten a ring in his nostril, and bore his lip with a clasp?

3(40:22) Will he address thee with a petition? softly, with the voice of a suppliant?

4(40:23) And will he make a covenant with thee? and wilt thou take him for a perpetual servant?

5(40:24) And wilt thou play with him as with a bird? or bind him as a sparrow for a child?

6(40:25) And do the nations feed upon him, and the nations of the Phoenicians share him?

7(40:26) And all the ships come together would not be able to bear the mere skin of his tail; neither shall they carry his head in fishing-vessels.

8(40:27) But thou shalt lay thy hand upon him once, remembering the war that is waged by his mouth; and let it not be done any more.

9(41:0) Hast thou not seen him? and hast thou not wondered at the things said of him?

10(41:1) Dost thou not fear because preparation has been made by me? for who is there that resists me?

11(41:2) Or who will resist me, and abide, since the whole world under heaven is mine?

12(41:3) I will not be silent because of him: though because of his power one shall pity his antagonist.

13(41:4) Who will open the face of his garment? and who can enter within the fold of his breastplate?

14(41:5) Who will open the doors of his face? terror is round about his teeth.

15(41:6) His inwards are as brazen plates, and the texture of his skin as a smyrite stone.

16(41:7) One part cleaves fast to another, and the air cannot come between them.

17(41:8) They will remain united each to the other: they are closely joined, and cannot be separated.

18(41:9) At his sneezing a light shines, and his eyes are as the appearance of the morning star.

19(41:10) Out of his mouth proceed as it were burning lamps, and as it were hearths of fire are cast abroad.

20(41:11) Out of his nostrils proceeds smoke of a furnace burning with fire of coals.

21(41:12) His breath is as live coals, and a flame goes out of his mouth.

22(41:13) And power is lodged in his neck, before him destruction runs.

23(41:14) The flesh also of his body is joined together: if one pours violence upon him, he shall not be moved.

24(41:15) His heart is firm as a stone, and it stands like an unyielding anvil.

25(41:16) And when he turns, he is a terror to the four-footed wild beasts which leap upon the earth.

26(41:17) If spears should come against him, men will effect nothing, either with the spear or the breast-plate.

27(41:18) For he considers iron as chaff, and brass as rotten wood.

28(41:19) The bow of brass shall not would him, he deems a slinger as grass.

29(41:20) Mauls are counted as stubble; and he laughs to scorn the waving of the firebrand.

30(41:21) His lair is formed of sharp points; and all the gold of the sea under him is an immense quantity of clay.

31(41:22) He makes the deep boil like a brazen caldron; and he regards the sea as a pot of ointment,

32(41:23) and the lowest part of the deep as a captive: he reckons the deep as his range.

33(41:24) There is nothing upon the earth like to him, formed to be sported with by my angels.

34(41:25) He beholds every high thing: and he is king of all that are in the waters.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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