Nehemiah 7
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Securing the City

1And it came to pass, when the wall was built, and I had set up the doors, and the porters and the singers and the Levites were appointed, 2that I gave charge to Ananias my brother, and Ananias the ruler of the palace, over Jerusalem: for he was a true man, and one that feared God beyond many. 3And I said to them, The gates of Jerusalem shall not be opened till sunrise; and while they are still watching, let the doors be shut, and bolted; and set watches of them that dwell in Jerusalem, every man at his post, and every man over against his house.

The List of Returning Exiles

4Now the city was wide and large; and the people were few in it, and the houses were not built.

5And God put it into my heart, and I gathered the nobles, and the rulers, and the people, into companies: and I found a register of the company that came up first, and I found written in it as follows:

6Now these are the children of the country, that came up from captivity, of the number which Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon carried away, and they returned to Jerusalem and to Juda, every man to his city; 7with Zorobabel, and Jesus, and Neemia, Azaria, and Reelma, Naemani, Mardochaeus, Balsan, Maspharath, Esdra, Boguia, Inaum, Baana, Masphar, men of the people of Israel. 8The children of Phoros, two thousand one hundred and seventy-two. 9The children of Saphatia, three hundred and seventy-two. 10The children of Era, six hundred and fifty-two. 11The children of Phaath Moab, with the children of Jesus and Joab, two thousand six hundred and eighteen. 12The children of Aelam, a thousand two hundred and fifty-four. 13The children of Zathuia, eight hundred and forty-five. 14The children of Zacchu, seven hundred and sixty. 15The children of Banui, six hundred and forty-eight. 16The children of Bebi, six hundred and twenty-eight. 17The children of Asgad, two thousand three hundred and twenty-two. 18The children of Adonicam, six hundred and sixty-seven. 19The children of Bagoi, two thousand and sixty-seven. 20The children of Edin, six hundred and fifty-five. 21The children of Ater, the son of Ezekias, ninety-eight. 22The children of Esam, three hundred and twenty-eight. 23The children of Besei, three hundred and twenty-four. 24The children of Ariph, a hundred and twelve: the children of Asen, two hundred and twenty-three. 25The children of Gabaon, ninety-five. 26The children of Baethalem, a hundred and twenty-three: the children of Atopha, fifty-six. 27The children of Anathoth, a hundred and twenty-eight. 28The men of Bethasmoth, forty-two. 29The men of Cariatharim, Caphira, and Beroth, seven hundred and forty-three. 30The men of Arama and Gabaa, six hundred and twenty. 31The men of Machemas, a hundred and twenty-two. 32The men of Baethel and Ai, a hundred and twenty-three. 33The men of Nabia, a hundred an fifty-two. 34The men of Elamaar, one thousand two hundred and fifty-two. 35The children of Eram, three hundred and twenty. 36The children of Jericho, three hundred and forty-five. 37The children of Lodadid and Ono, seven hundred and twenty-one. 38The children of Sanana, three thousand nine hundred and thirty.

39The priests; the sons of Jodae, pertaining to the house of Jesus, nine hundred and seventy-three. 40The children of Emmer, one thousand and fifty-two. 41The children of Phaseur, one thousand two hundred and forty-seven. 42The children of Eram, a thousand and seventeen.

43The Levites; the children of Jesus the son of Cadmiel, with the children of Uduia, seventy-four. 44The singers; the children of Asaph, a hundred and forty-eight. 45The porters; the children of Salum, the children of Ater, the children of Telmon, the children of Acub, the children of Atita, the children of Sabi, a hundred and thirty-eight.

46The Nathinim; the children of Sea, the children of Aspha, the children of Tabaoth, 47the children of Kiras, the children of Asuia, the children of Phadon, 48the children of Labana, the children of Agaba, the children of Selmei, 49the children of Anan, the children of Gadel, the children of Gaar, 50the children of Raaia, the children of Rasson, the children of Necoda, 51the children of Gezam, the children of Ozi, the children of Phese, 52the children of Besi, the children of Meinon, the children of Nephosasi, 53the children of Bacbuc, the children of Achipha, the children of Arur, 54the children of Basaloth, the children of Mida, the children of Adasan, 55the children of Barcue, the children of Sisarath, the children of Thema, 56the children of Nisia, the children of Atipha.

57The children of the servants of Solomon; the children of Sutei, the children of Sapharat, the children of Pherida, 58the children of Jelel, the children of Dorcon, the children of Gadael, 59the children of Saphatia, the children of Ettel, the children of Phacarath, the children of Sabaim, the children of Emim.

60All the Nathinim, and children of the servants of Solomon, were three hundred and ninety-two.

61And these went up from Thelmeleth, Thelaresa, Charub, Eron, Jemer: but they could not declare the houses of their families, or their seed, whether they were of Israel. 62The children of Dalaia, the children of Tobia, the children of Necoda, six hundred and forty-two.

63And of the priests; the children of Ebia, the children of Acos, the children of Berzelli, for they took wives of the daughters of Berzelli the Galaadite, and they were called by their name. 64These sought the pedigree of their company, and it was not found, and they were removed as polluted from the priesthood. 65And the Athersastha said, that they should not eat of the most holy things, until a priest should stand up to give light.

66And all the congregation was about forty-two thousand three hundred and sixty, 67besides their men-servants and their maid-servants: these were seven thousand three hundred and thirty seven: and the singing-men and singing-women, two hundred and forty-five. 68(OMITTED TEXT) 69Two thousand seven hundred asses.

Offerings by the Exiles

70And part of the heads of families gave into the treasury to Neemias for the work a thousand pieces of gold, fifty bowls, and thirty priests' garments. 71And some of the heads of families gave into the treasuries of the work, twenty thousand pieces of gold, and two thousand three hundred pounds of silver. 72And the rest of the people gave twenty thousand pieces of gold, and two thousand two hundred pounds of silver, and sixty-seven priests' garments.

73And the priests, and Levites, and porters, and singers, and some of the people, and the Nathinim, and all Israel, dwelt in their cities.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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