Matthew 5:11
Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.
For My SakeDr. Mellor.Matthew 5:11
For My SakeS. Martin, D,D., Dr. W. M. Taylor.Matthew 5:11
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The Blessedness of PersecutionJ.A. Macdonald Matthew 5:10-12
The Beatitude of Suffering for the Sake of JesusP.C. Barker Matthew 5:11, 12

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. It cannot be denied that we have here before us a Beatitude, and one warm with life and comfort and love. It is, however, particularly addressed to the disciples present, face to face, with Jesus. As the foregoing Beatitude seemed to be in the mind of St. Peter (1 Peter 3:14), so his words, as written in the same Epistle (1 Peter 4:14), seem the very reminiscence of this ninth and closing Beatitude, which his ears had heard more than thirty years before. Notice how, by this kind, direct appeal, Christ betokens his forethought for those on whom should fall the first severity of trial, temptation, and suffering "for his sake." Notice -

I. THE THREE FORMS OF TRIAL PREDICTED FOR THE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST. They are, reproach or railing; persecution; and "falsely saying every evil thing about them," i.e. all kind of slanderous abuse. Even so in all these respects "Christ suffered for us in the flesh." The parallel suggestions in the second, third, and fourth chapters of the First Epistle of St. Peter are frequent (1 Peter 2:12, 19-23; 1 Peter 3:9, 13, 14, 16-18; 1 Peter 4:12-19). They are great types of the wounds the world inflicts. They are very liable to be successful assailers of our peace and of our principles, of our temper and of our steadfast endurance. To be forewarned, in order to be forearmed, was never a wiser precaution to take, nor a more gracious one to give. As St. James says," If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body;" so in most manifest harmony must it be true, that if any man can silently, patiently, forgivingly stand against and withstand the sort of darts described above, he has not in vain learned of the Lord Jesus, whether of his word or his deed - that one perfect Man!


1. How sovereign this claim is!

2. How the more remarkable from the known "lowliness and meekness" of Jesus Christ!

3. How deeply imbued it is with faith in the force and fidelity of affection - what a condescending bond as between Jesus Christ and any man! And, once more:

4. How wonderfully it has shown itself equal to all whatsoever that it has been called to bear or to do! Granted that love is a strong principle in human nature, the mightiest of its forces, yet what surpassing strength, continuance, inseparableness have through Christ been made all its own, for all its service of him and for all his requirement of it! So still the gift from him has exceeded infinitely all the gift to him, though he speaks of those that are "reproached, persecuted falsely, evil spoken of, for his sake."

III. THE ENERGY OF JOY WHICH THE CASE JUSTIFIES AND WHICH CHRIST ENCOURAGES. How few things to be had on earth, or even to be begun on earth, do warrant such energy of joy; and how utterly averse the verdict of the world from this of Jesus Christ! But the grounds of this joy are real, and they look far, far on; they command a prospect bounded by no earthly horizon. And the bright joy and succeeding gladness will do much to revive the soul, vexed, humbled, worn by the evil speech of the world. This contrast and the effect of it can hardly have been undesigned, in the merciful calculation of the Lord and Master of souls. Nor undesigned the combination of the joy, of "the glorious company of the apostles" with "the goodly fellowship of the prophets." For is not this the inspiriting outcome of the last sentence, "For so persecuted they the prophets, which were before you"? "Their reward great in heaven" had already been ascertained. And apostles now in their earliest training, putting on of the armour, and young fresh aspirations, emulate their historic renown, their everlasting reward. - B.

For My sake.
The supreme and commanding claims implied. Endeavour to understand the meaning of the words, "for my sake." All intelligent creatures act from some consideration or other — for the " sake " of something. At the root of the life we are living there is a strong and dominant reason; or, if not one, several that sway us in turn. Motive in every action — money, pleasure, etc., regard for others. So that the principle which is contained in the text is by no means new or exceptional, but is as old and as wide as the world. Comes before us in its highest and most glorious application. The claims involved. We have, then, here —

I. A person. A unique person.

III. A unique person who claims to be Lord of our life. What are we to do for the sake of Christ? To labour and suffer.

(Dr. Mellor.)

1. There is a self-assertion here, which is justified by the character and position of the speaker.

2. All beings capable of love and hatred must, if placed together, act with direct regard to each other, and they will do many things for each other's sake.


1. Jesus claims work for His sake.

2. We owe to Jesus Christ patient endurance of suffering for His sake.

3. Jesus claims cheerful and generous gifts for His sake.

4. Jesus claims attachment to life, with a readiness to die, for His sake.

5. Jesus claims the devotion of ourselves to Him.


1. Distinct ideas of the person of Christ are essential to our being moved by considerations which originate in Himself.

2. Frequent meditation upon the service He has rendered.

3. In order to this we need the communion of the Holy Ghost.

(S. Martin, D,D.)The words bring before us the relation of the Christian to his living and loving Lord.

I. Let us seek clearer views of the INFLUENCE of Christian motive. Christ has certain peculiar and special claims on us. There is the authority of His Godhead. The love of His incarnation and death.

II. Let us get a juster estimate of its RANGE.

1. It bears on our efforts after personal holiness.

2. On the Christian's work for others.

3. It extends to the enduring of suffering for conscience' sake.

4. It applies to the sacrifices we are required to make. This principle possesses a testing power to reveal whether or not we are what we profess to be as followers of Christ.

(Dr. W. M. Taylor.)

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