Hosea 12:3
Text Analysis
990 [e]בַּבֶּ֖טֶן
In the wombPrep-b, Art | N-fs
6117 [e]עָקַ֣ב
He took by the heelV-Qal-Perf-3ms
853 [e]אֶת־
251 [e]אָחִ֑יו
his brotherN-msc | 3ms
202 [e]וּבְאוֹנ֖וֹ
and in his strengthConj-w, Prep-b | N-msc | 3ms
8280 [e]שָׂרָ֥ה
he struggledV-Qal-Perf-3ms
854 [e]אֶת־
430 [e]אֱלֹהִֽים׃

Hebrew Texts
הושע 12:3 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
בַּבֶּ֖טֶן עָקַ֣ב אֶת־אָחִ֑יו וּבְאֹונֹ֖ו שָׂרָ֥ה אֶת־אֱלֹהִֽים׃

הושע 12:3 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
בבטן עקב את־אחיו ובאונו שרה את־אלהים׃

הושע 12:3 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
בבטן עקב את־אחיו ובאונו שרה את־אלהים׃

הושע 12:3 Hebrew Bible
בבטן עקב את אחיו ובאונו שרה את אלהים׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
In the womb he took his brother by the heel, And in his maturity he contended with God.

King James Bible
He took his brother by the heel in the womb, and by his strength he had power with God:

Holman Christian Standard Bible
In the womb he grasped his brother's heel, and as an adult he wrestled with God.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


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