Jeremiah 12:11
Text Analysis
7760 [e]שָׂמָהּ֙
They have made itV-Qal-Perf-3ms | 3fs
8076 [e]לִשְׁמָמָ֔ה
desolatePrep-l | N-fs
56 [e]אָבְלָ֥ה
it mournsV-Qal-Perf-3fs
5921 [e]עָלַ֖י
to MePrep | 1cs
8077 [e]שְׁמֵמָ֑ה
8074 [e]נָשַׁ֙מָּה֙
is made desolateV-Nifal-Perf-3fs
3605 [e]כָּל־
776 [e]הָאָ֔רֶץ
the landArt | N-fs
3588 [e]כִּ֛י
369 [e]אֵ֥ין
376 [e]אִ֖ישׁ
7760 [e]שָׂ֥ם
takes [it]V-Qal-Prtcpl-ms
5921 [e]עַל־
3820 [e]לֵֽב׃
5921 [e]עַֽל־
3605 [e]כָּל־

Hebrew Texts
ירמיה 12:11 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
שָׂמָהּ֙ לִשְׁמָמָ֔ה אָבְלָ֥ה עָלַ֖י שְׁמֵמָ֑ה נָשַׁ֙מָּה֙ כָּל־הָאָ֔רֶץ כִּ֛י אֵ֥ין אִ֖ישׁ שָׂ֥ם עַל־לֵֽב׃

ירמיה 12:11 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
שמה לשממה אבלה עלי שממה נשמה כל־הארץ כי אין איש שם על־לב׃

ירמיה 12:11 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
שמה לשממה אבלה עלי שממה נשמה כל־הארץ כי אין איש שם על־לב׃

ירמיה 12:11 Hebrew Bible
שמה לשממה אבלה עלי שממה נשמה כל הארץ כי אין איש שם על לב׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"It has been made a desolation, Desolate, it mourns before Me; The whole land has been made desolate, Because no man lays it to heart.

King James Bible
They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourneth unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man layeth it to heart.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
They have made it a desolation. It mourns, desolate, before Me. All the land is desolate, but no one takes it to heart.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

made it.

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