Acts 19
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The Holy Spirit Received at Ephesus
(Acts 10:44–48)

1It fortuned whyll Appollo was at Corinthum that Paul passed thorow the vpper costes and came to Ephesus and foude certayne disciples 2and sayd vnto them: have ye receaved the holy gost sence ye beleved? And they sayde vnto him: no we have not hearde whether ther be eny holy goost or no. 3And he sayd vnto them: wher wt were ye then baptised? And they sayd: with Iohns baptim 4Then sayde Paul: Iohn verely bapiised with the baptim of repentaunce sayinge vnto the people that they shuld beleve on him which shuld come after him: that is on Christ Iesus. 5When they hearde that they were baptised in the name of the lorde Iesu. 6And Paul layde his hondes apon them and the holy gost came on them and they spake with tonges and prophesied 7and all the men were aboute .xii.

Paul Ministers in Ephesus
(Ephesians 1:1–2; Revelation 2:1–7)

8And he went into the synagoge and behaved him selfe boldely for the space of thre monethes disputynge and gevynge them exhortacions of the kyngdome of God. 9When dyvers wexed harde herted and beleved not but spake evyll of the waye and that before the multitude: he departed from them and seperated the disciples. And disputed dayly in ye scole of one called Tyranus. 10And this contynued by the space of two yeares: so yt all they which dwelt in Asia hearde the worde of the lorde Iesu bothe Ie wes and Grekes.

11And god wrought no small miracles by the hondes of Paul: 12so that from his body were brought vnto the sicke napkyns or partlettes and the diseases departed from the and the evyll spretes went out of them.

Seven Sons of Sceva

13Then certayne of the vagabounde Iewes exorcistes toke apon them to call over them which had evyll spretes the name of the lorde Iesus sayinge: We adiure you by Iesu who Paul preacheth. 14And ther were seven sonnes of one Sceva a Iewe and chefe of the prestes which dyd so. 15And the evyll sprete answered and sayde: Iesus I knowe and Paul I knowe: but who are ye? 16And ye man in who the evyll sprete was ranne on the and overcame the and prevayled agaynst them so that they fledde out of that housse naked and wouded. 17And this was knowen to all ye Iewes and Grekes also which dwelt at Ephesus and feare came on them all and they magnified the name of ye lorde Iesus. 18And many yt beleved came and confessed and shewed their workes. 19Many of the which vsed curious craftes brought their bokes and burned the before all men and they counted the price of the and foude it fifty thousande silverlynges. 20So myghtely grewe ye worde of god and prevayled.

The Riot in Ephesus

21After these thinges were ended Paul purposed in the sprete to passe over Macedonia and Achaia and to goo to Ierusalem saying: After I have bene there I must also se Rome. 22So sent he into Macedonia two of the that ministred vnto him Timotheus and Erastus: but he him selfe remayned in Asia for a season.

23The same tyme ther arose no lytell a do aboute that waye. 24For a certayne man named Demetrius a silvermyth which made silver schrynes for Diana was not a lytell beneficiall vnto the craftes men. 25Which he called to geder with the worke men of lyke occupacion and sayd: S yrs ye knowe that by this crafte we have vauntage. 26Moreover ye se and heare that not alone at Ephesus but almost thorowe oute all Asia this Paul hath persuaded and turned awaye moche people saying yt they be not goddes which are made wt hondes. 27So that not only this oure crafte cometh into parell to be set at nought: but also that ye temple of ye greate goddas Diana shuld be despysed and her magnificence shuld be destroyed which all Asia and the worlde worshippeth.

28When they hearde these sayinges they were full of wrathe and cryed out saying: Greate is Diana of the Ephesians. 29And all the cite was on a roore and they russhed in to the comen hall with one assent and caught Gayus and Aristarcus men of Macedonia Pauls companios. 30When Paul wolde have entred in vnto the people ye disciples suffered him not. 31Certayne also of ye chefe of Asia which were his frendes sent vnto him desyrynge him that he wolde not preace into the comen hall. 32Some cryed one thinge and some another and the congregacion was all out of quiet and ye moare parte knewe not wherfore they were come togeder. 33Some of the company drue forth Alexander the Iewes thrustynge him forwardes. Alexander beckened with the honde and wolde have geven ye people an answer. 34When they knewe ye he was a Iewe ther arose a shoute almost for the space of two houres of all men cryinge greate is Diana of the Ephesians. 35When the toune clarcke had ceased the people he sayd: ye men of Ephesus what man is it that knoweth not how that the cite of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddas Diana and of ye ymage which came fro heven. 36Seinge then yt no man sayth here agaynst ye ought to be content and to do nothinge rasshly: 37For ye have brought hyther these me whiche are nether robbers of churches nor yet despisers of youre goddes. 38Wherfore yf Demetrius and the craftes men which are wt him have eny sayinge to eny man the lawe is open and ther are ruelars let the accuse one another. 39Yf ye goo about eny other thinge it maye be determined in a lawfull cogregacion 40For we are in ieoperdy to be accused of this dayes busines: for as moche as ther is no cause wherby we maye geve a rekenynge of this concourse of people. 41And when he had thus spoken he let the congregacion departe.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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