Deuteronomy 18
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Provision for Priests and Levites
(1 Corinthians 9:1–18)

1The preastes the Leuites all the trybe off Leui shall haue no parte nor enheritaunce with Israel. The offrynges of the Lorde ad his enheritaunce they shall eate, 2but shall haue no enheritaunce amonge their brethern: the Lorde he is their enheritaunce, as he hath sayed vnto them.

3And this is the dutie of the preastes, of the people and of them that offer, whether it be oxe or shepe: They must geue vnto the preast, the shulder and the two chekes and the maw, 4the firstfrutes of thy corne, wyne and oyle, and the first of thy shepesheryng must thou geue him. 5For the Lorde thy God hath chosen him out of all thy trybes to stonde and to ministre in the name of the Lorde: both hi and his sonnes for euer.

6Yf a Leuite come out of any of thy cities or any place of Israel, where he is a segeorner, ad come with all the lust of his herte vnto the place which the Lorde hath chosen: 7he shall there ministre in the name of the Lorde his god as all his brethern the Leuites doo whiche stonde there before the Lord. 8And they shall haue lyke porcyons to eate, besyde that whiche cometh to hym of the patrimonye of hys elders.

Sorcery Forbidden
(Acts 8:9–25)

9When thou art come in to the londe which the Lorde thy God geueth the, se that thou lerne not to doo after the abhominacyos of these nacyons. 10Let there not be founde amonge you that maketh his sonne or his doughter go thorow fyre, ether a bruterar or a maker of dismale dayes or that vseth witchcraft or a sorcerar 11or a charmar or that speaketh with a spirite or a sothsayer or that talketh with them that are deed. 12For all that doo soch thinges are abhominacion vnto the Lorde: and because of these abhominacyons the Lorde thy God doeth cast them out before the, 13be pure therfore with the Lorde thy God. 14For these nacyons whiche thou shalt conquere, herken vnto makers off dysemall dayes and bruterars. But the Lorde thy God permytteth not that to the.

A Prophet Like Moses
(Acts 3:11–26)

15The Lorde thy God will sterre vpp a prophete amonge you: eue of thy brethern like vnto me: and vnto him ye shall herken 16acording to all that thou desyredest of the Lorde thy god in Horeb in the daye when the people were gathered sayenge: Let me heare the voyce of my Lorde God nomoare nor se this greate fire any moare, that I dye not. 17And the Lorde sayed vnto me: they haue well spoken, 18I will rayse them vpp a prophett from amonge their brethern like vnto the ad will put my wordes in to his mouth and he shall speake vnto the al that I shall commaunde him. 19And whosoeuer will not kerken vnto the wordes which he shall speake in my name, I will requyre it off him. 20But the prophete which shall presume to speake ought in my name which I commaunded him not to speake, and he that speaketh in the name of straunge Goddes, the same prophete shall dye. 21And yf thou saye in thine hert, howe shall I knowe that whiche the Lorde hath not spoken? 22When a prophete speaketh in the name of the Lorde, yf the thynge folow not nor come to passe, that is the thinge which the Lorde hath not spoken. But the prophete hath spoken it presumptuously: be not aferde therfore of him.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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