Hebrews 7
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Melchizedek and Abraham
(Genesis 14:17–24)

1This Melchisedech kynge of Salem (which beinge prest of ye most hye god met Abraham as he returned agayne from the slaughter of the kynges and blessed him: 2to whom also Abraham gave tythes of all thynges) fyrst is by interpretacion kynge of rightewesnes: after yt he is kynge of Sale yt is to saye kynge of peace 3with out father wt out mother with out kynne and hath nether begynnynge of his tyme nether yet ende of his lyfe: but is lykened vnto the sonne of god and cotinueth a preste for ever.

4Consyder what a man this was vnto who the patriarke Abraham gave tythes of the spoyles. 5And verely those children of levy which receave the office of the prestes have a commaundement to take a cordyng to the lawe tythes of the people that is to saye of their brethren yee though they spronge out of the loynes of Abraham. 6But he whose kynred is not counted amonge them receaved tythes of Abraham and blessed him that had the promyses. 7And no man denyeth but that which is lesse receaveth blessinge of yt which is greater. 8And here men that dye receave tythes. But there he receaveth tythes of whom it is witnessed that he liveth. 9And to saye the trueth Levy him silfe also which receaveth tythes payed tythes in Abraham. 10For he was yet in the loynes of his father Abraham when Melchisech met him.

A Superior Priesthood

11Yf now therfore perfeccion came by the presthod of the levites (for vnder that presthod the people recaved the lawe) what neded it furthermore that an other prest shuld ryse after the order of Melchisedech and not after the order of Aaron? 12Now no dout yf the presthod be translated then of necessitie must the lawe be translated also. 13For he of whom these thynges are spoken pertayneth vnto another trybe of which never man served at the aultre. 14For it is evidet that oure lorde spronge of the trybe of Iuda of which trybe spake Moses nothynge concernynge presthod. 15And it is yet a more evydent thinge yf after the similitude of Melchisedech ther aryse a nother prest 16which is not made after the lawe of the carnall commaundmet: but after the power of the endlesse lyfe

17(For he testifieth: Thou arte a prest forever after the order of Melchysedech)

18Then the commaundmet that went a fore is disanulled because of hir weaknes and vnproffitablenes. 19For the lawe made nothynge parfecte: but was an introduccion of a better hope by which hope we drawe nye vnto god. 20And for this cause it is a better hope that it was not promysed with out an othe.

21Those prestes were made wt out an oth: but this prest with an oth by him that saide vnto him The lorde sware and will not repent: Thou arte a prest for ever after the order of Melchisedech.

22And for that cause was Iesus a stablyssher of a better testament.

23And amonge them many were made prestes because they were not suffred to endure by the reason of deeth. 24But this man because he endureth ever hath an everlastinge presthod. 25Wherfore he is able also ever to save them that come vnto god by him seynge he ever lyveth to make intercession for vs.

26Soche an hye prest it became vs to have which is wholy harmlesse vndefyled separat from synners and made hyar then heven. 27Which nedeth not dayly (as yonder hie prestes) to offer vp sacrifice fyrst for his awne synnes and then for the peoples synnes. For that did he at once for all when he offered vp him silfe. 28For the lawe maketh men prestes which have infirmitie: but the worde of the othe that came fence ye lawe maketh the sonne prest which is parfecte for ever more.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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