Jeremiah 15
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Judgment to Continue

1Thus spake the Lorde vnto me, Though Moyses and Samuel stoode before me, yet haue I no heart to this people: driue them away, that they may go out of my sight.

2And yf they say vnto thee, whyther shall we go? then tell them, The Lorde geueth you this aunswere: Some vnto death, some to the sworde, some to hunger, some into captiuitie.

3For I wyll bryng foure plagues vpon them, saith the Lorde: The sworde shal slay them, the dogges shall teare them in peeces, the foules of the ayre and beastes of the earth shall eate them vp, and destroy them. 4I wyll scatter them about also in all kingdomes and landes to be plagued, because of Manasses the sonne of Hezekia kyng of Iuda, for the thynges that he did in Hierusalem.

5Who shall then haue pitie vpon thee O Hierusalem? who shalbe sorie for thee? Or who shall make intercession to obtayne peace for thee?

6Seing thou goest from me, and turnest backwarde, saith the Lorde: therfore I dyd stretche out myne hande against thee to destroy thee, and I haue ben sorie for thee so long that I am weerie.

7I haue scattred them abrode with the fanne of euery side of the land, I haue wasted my people and destroyed them, yet they haue had no lust to turne from their owne wayes.

8I haue made their widowes mo in number then the sandes of the sea, vpon the mothers of their children dyd I bryng a destroyer in the noone day: sodaynly and vnawares did I sende a feare vpon their cities.

9She that hath borne seuen children, hath none, her heart is full of sorowe: the sunne doth fayle her in the cleare day, she is confounded and faintie for very heauinesse: As for those that remayne, I wyll deliuer them vnto the sworde before their enemies, saith the Lorde.

Jeremiah’s Woe

10O mother, alas that thou euer didst beare me, a brawler and rebuker of the whole lande: though I neuer lent nor receaued vpon vsurie, yet all men speake euyll vpon me.

11And the Lord aunswered me, Ueryly thy remnaunt shall haue wealth: Come not I to thee when thou art in trouble, & helpe thee when thine enemie oppresseth thee?

12Doth one iron hurt another? or one metall that commeth from the north another?

13As for thy riches and treasure, I will geue them out into a pray: not for money, but because of all thy sinnes that thou hast done in all thy coastes.

14And I wyll bryng thee with thine enemies into a lande that thou knowest not: for the fire that is kindled in myne indignation shall burne you vp.

15O Lorde thou knowest, therfore remember me, and visite me, reuenge me of my persecutours: take me not from this life in the tyme of thine anger, thou knowest that for thy sake I suffer rebuke.

16When I had founde thy wordes I did eate them vp greedyly, they haue made my heart ioyfull and glad: for thy name was called vpon me O Lorde God of hoastes.

17I dwell not among the scorners, neither is my delight therin: but I dwell alone because of thy hande, for thou hast fylled me with bitternesse.

18Shall my heauinesse endure for euer? Are my plagues then so great that they may neuer be healed? Wylt thou be as one that is false, and as a water that falleth, and can not continue?

The LORD’s Promise

19Upon these wordes, thus sayde the Lorde vnto me, If thou wylt turne agayne, I shall set thee in my seruice, and yf thou wylt take out the thynges that is precious from the vile, thou shalt be euen as myne owne mouth: they shall conuert vnto thee, but turne not thou vnto them.

20And so shall I make thee a strong brasen wall agaynst this people, they shall fyght agaynst thee, but they shall not preuayle: for I my selfe wyll be with thee, to helpe thee and deliuer thee, saith the Lorde:

21And I will rid thee out of the handes of the wicked, and deliuer thee out of the handes of tirauntes.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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