Proverbs 22
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A Good Name

1A good name is more to be desired then great riches: and louing fauour is better then siluer and golde.

2The riche and poore meete together: the Lorde is the maker of them all.

3A wyse man seeth the plague, and hydeth hym selfe: but the foolishe go on still, and are punished.

4By humilitie and the feare of the Lorde, commeth riches, honour, and life.

5Thornes and snares are in the way of the frowarde: but he that doth kepe his soule, wyll flee farre from them.

6Teache a chylde what way he should go: for he shall not leaue it when he is olde.

7The ryche ruleth the poore, and the borower is seruaunt to the lender.

8He that soweth wickednes, shal reape wickednes: and the rodde of his anger shall fayle.

9He that hath a bountifull eye, shalbe blessed: for he geueth of his bread to the poore.

10Cast out the scorneful man, and so shal strife go out with hym: yea variaunce and sclaunder shall ceasse.

11Who so loueth cleannes of heart, for the grace of his lippes the kyng shalbe his frende.

12The eyes of the Lord preserue knowledge: and he ouerthroweth the wordes of the transgressours.

13The slouthfull body saith there is a Lion without: I might be slaine in the streate.

14The mouth of straunge women is a deepe pit: wherein he falleth that the Lorde is angrye withall.

15Foolishnes is bounde in the heart of the chylde: and the rodde of correction shall driue it away.

16Who so doth a poore man wrong, to increase his owne riches and geueth vnto the ryche, at the last commeth to pouertie hym selfe.

Thirty Sayings of the Wise

17Bowe downe thyne eare, and heare the wordes of the wise: applie thy mind vnto my doctrine:

18For it is a pleasaunt thing if thou kepe them in thyne heart, and order them in thy lippes:

19That thou mayest put thy trust in the Lorde, I haue shewed thee this day the thing that thou knowest.

20Haue not I warned thee very oft with counsayle and learning,

21That I might make thee knowe the trueth, that thou with the veritie mightest aunswere them that sende vnto thee?

Saying 2

22Rob not the poore, because he is poore: and oppresse not the simple in iudgement:

23For the Lorde him selfe wyll defende their cause, and do violence vnto them that haue vsed violence.

Saying 3

24Make no frendship with an angrye wylfull man, and walke not with the furious:

25Lest thou learne his wayes, and receaue hurt to thy soule.

Saying 4

26Be not thou one of them that binde their hande vpon promise, and are suretie for waightie causes:

27For if thou hast nothing to pay, they shall take away thy bed from vnder thee.

Saying 5

28Thou shalt not remoue the auncient lande marke, whiche thy fore elders haue set.

Saying 6

29Seest thou not that they which be diligent in their businesse stande before kinges, & not among the simple people?

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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