Psalm 24
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The Earth Is the LORD’s

1A psalme of Dauid. The earth is Gods and all that therin is: the worlde, & they that dwell therin.

2For he hath laide the foundation of it vpon the seas: and he hath set it sure vpon the fluddes.

3Who shal ascende into the hyll of God? or who shall ryse vp in his holy place?

4Euen he that hath cleane handes, and a pure heart: & that hath not taken his soule in vayne, nor sworne disceiptfully.

5He shall receaue a blessyng from God: and ryghteousnesse from the Lorde of his saluation.

6This is the generation of them that seke hym: euen of them that seke thy face in Iacob. Selah.

7Lyft vp your heades O ye gates, and be ye lyft vp ye euerlastyng doores and the kyng of glorie shall enter in.

8Who is this kyng of glorie? it is God both strong & mightie, it is God mightie in battayle.

9Lyft vp your heades (O ye gates) and be you lyft vp ye euerlastyng doores: and the kyng of glorie shall enter in.

10Who is this kyng of glorie? euen the God of hostes, he is the kyng of glorie. Selah.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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