Psalm 25
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To You I Lift Up My Soul

1I lyft vp my soule vnto thee O God,

2(25:1) I put my trust in thee my Lorde: let me not be confounded, neither let myne enemies triumph ouer me.

3(25:2) Yea, let not all them that hope in thee be put to shame: let them be put to shame who without a cause do trayterously transgresse.

4(25:3) Make me to knowe thy wayes O God, and teache me thy pathes:

5(25:3) leade me foorth in thy trueth and teache me, for thou art the Lorde of my saluation, I haue wayted for thee al the day long.

6(25:4) Call to remembraunce O God thy tender mercies & thy louyng kindnesse: for they haue ben for euer.

7(25:5) Oh remember not thou the sinnes and offences of my youth: but accordyng to thy mercie euen of thy goodnesse O God remember me.

8(25:6) Gratious and ryghteous is God: therfore he wyll teache sinners in the way.

9(25:7) He wyll guide the meke in iudgement: and teache the humble his way.

10(25:8) All the pathes of God are mercie and trueth: vnto such as kepe his couenaunt and his testimonies.

11(25:9) Pardon thou therfore for thy name sake O God my wickednesse: for it is very great.

12(25:10) What man is he that feareth God? God wyll teache hym in the way that he shall choose.

13(25:11) His soule shall rest all nyght at ease: and his seede shall inherite the lande.

14(25:12) The secrete of God is among them that feare hym: and he wyll make knowen vnto them his couenaunt.

15(25:13) Myne eyes be alwayes turned vnto God: for he wyll take my feete out of the net.

16(25:14) Turne thy face vnto me, and haue mercie vpon me: for I am desolate and in miserie.

17(25:15) The sorowes of myne heart are encreased: O bryng thou me out of my distresse.

18(25:16) Loke thou vpon myne aduersitie and vpon my labour: and forgeue me all my sinne.

19(25:17) Consider myne enemies, for they do multiplie: and they beare a tirannous hate against me.

20(25:18) O kepe my soule and deliuer me, lest I shalbe confounded: for I haue put my trust in thee.

21(25:19) Let integritie and vprighteous dealing kepe me safe: for I haue wayted after thee.

22(25:20) O God redeeme Israel: out of all his aduersities.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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