Psalm 68
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God’s Enemies Are Scattered

1To the chiefe musition, a psalme of Dauid, which is a song. In case the Lorde woulde aryse, his enemies woulde be scattered: and they that hate hym woulde flee from his face.

2Lyke as the smoke vanisheth, so wylt thou cause them to vanishe away: and lyke as water melteth at the fire, so wyll the vngodly perishe at the presence of the Lorde.

3But the ryghteous must be glad, and reioyce before the Lorde: they shall not stande styll for myrth.

4Syng vnto the Lorde, syng psalmes vnto his name: magnifie hym that rideth vpon the heauens as it were vpon an horse in his name euerlastyng, and reioyce before his face.

5He is a father of the fatherlesse, and the iudge of widdowes: he is the Lord in his holy habitation.

6He is the Lord that maketh those that dwell alone to haue a familie: and bryngeth prisoners out of the stockes.

7But rebelles did inhabite a dry ground O Lorde, when thou wentest foorth before the people: when thou wentest through the wyldernesse. Selah.

8The earth shoke, and the heauens dropped at the presence of the Lorde: euen Sinai it selfe shoke at the presence of the Lorde, Lorde of Israel.

9Thou O Lorde dydst cause rayne to fall at thy gratious pleasure: and when thine inheritaunce was weery, thou dydst hearten it.

10Thy flocke dwelleth there: for thou O Lorde doest of thy goodnesse prepare for the poore.

11The Lorde gaue the worde: great was the company of the preachers.

12Kynges with their armies dyd flee: they dyd flee, and the ornament of an house deuided the spoyle.

13Though ye haue lyen among the pottes: yet shall ye be as the wynges of a doue that is couered with siluer, and hath her fethers as yelowe as golde.

14When the almightie scattered kynges in it: it was as whyte as snowe in Salmon.

15As the hyll of Basan, so is Gods hill: euen an hygh hyll, as the hyll of Basan.

16Why skyp you so the high hylles? this is the Lordes hyll in the which it pleaseth hym to dwell, yea God wyll abyde in it for euer.

17The charettes of the Lorde are twentie thousande, euen thousandes of angels: and the Lorde is among them in holy Sinai.

18Thou wenst vp on high, thou hast led captiuitie captiue, thou hast receaued gyftes for men: yea euen for those that be disobedient, that God the Lorde myght dwell among them,

19Blessed be the Lorde who day by day powreth his benefites vpon vs: and is God of our saluation. Selah.

20The Lorde is our Lorde for to saue vs: and all maner of wayes for death pertayneth to God the Lorde.

21God wyll wounde the head of his enemies: and the heary scalpe of hym who goeth on styll in his wickednesse.

22The Lorde hath sayde, I wyll bryng my people agayne out from Basan: I wyll bryng them agayne out from the deepe of the sea.

23That thy footes and the tongue of thy dogges: may be made redde in the blood of the enemies by his meanes.

24They do well see O Lorde thy goynges: thy goynges in the sanctuarie my Lorde and kyng.

25The singers go before, the minstrelles folowe after: in the myddest are the damselles playing with the timbrelles.

26In the congregations they do blesse the Lorde: the God of the fountayne of Israel.

27There is litle Beniamin their ruler, & the princes of Iehuda their counsell: the princes of Zabulon and the princes of Nepthali.

28Thy Lord hath ordeyned thy strength: establishe the thing O Lorde that thou hast wrought in vs.

29For thy temple sake at Hierusalem: kynges wyll bryng presentes vnto thee.

30Put to rebuke the companie of speare men, a multitude of bulles amongest the people lyke vnto calues: vntyll that they brought vnder foote come with peeces of siluer for tribute, scatter the people that delyght in warre.

31Then shal princes come out of Egypt: Ethiopia in all haste shall stretch out her handes vnto the Lorde.

32Sing vnto the Lord O ye kingdomes of the earth: O syng psalmes vnto the Lorde. Selah.

33Who rydeth vpon the most hyghest eternall heauens: lo he sendeth out a mightie voyce in his voyce.

34Acknowledge the Lorde to be mightie: his maiestie is ouer Israel, & might in the cloudes.

35O Lorde thou art terrible out of thy holy places: the God of Israel geueth myght and strength vnto his people, Blessed be the Lorde.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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