Psalm 72
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

Endow the King with Your Justice
(1 Kings 3:1–15; 2 Chronicles 1:1–13; Psalm 45:1–17)

1Of Solomon. O God geue vnto the kyng thy iudgementes: and thy ryghteousnesse vnto the kynges sonne.

2Then he wyll iudge thy people accordyng vnto iustice: and thy afflicted accordyng to equitie.

3The mountaynes also and hylles: shall bryng peace to the people by the meanes of ryghteousnesse.

4He wyll iudge the afflicted amongst the people: he wyll saue the children of the poore, and subdue the oppressour.

5They wyll feare thee as long as the sunne and moone shyneth: from one generation to another.

6He wyll come downe lyke the rayne into a fleece of wooll: euen as the droppes that water the earth.

7In his dayes the ryghteous wyll florishe: and there shalbe aboundaunce of peace so long as the moone endureth.

8His dominion also shalbe from the one sea to the other: and from the fludde vnto the ende of the earth.

9They that dwell in the wildernesse shal kneele before him: his enemies shal licke the dust.

10The kyng of Tharsis and of the Iles shall offer presentes: the kynges of Sheba & Seba shall bring giftes.

11All kynges wyll worshyp hym: all nations wyll do hym seruice.

12For he wyll delyuer the poore when he cryeth: and the afflicted and hym that hath no helper.

13He wyll haue compassion vpon the poore and needy: and he wyll preserue the soules of the poore.

14He wyll delyuer their soules from deceipt and oppression: and their blood shalbe in his syght.

15He wyll lyue, and he wyll geue to the poore of the golde of Sheba: and he wyll pray alwayes for hym, and dayly he wyll blesse hym.

16A handfull of corne shall be sowed in the earth vpon the toppe of hylles: and the fruite therof shall make a noyse lyke Libanus, and shall florishe in the citie lyke grasse vpon the earth.

17His name shall endure for euer, his name shalbe spread abrode to the world so long as the sunne shall shyne: all nations shalbe blessed in hym, and shall call hym blessed.

18Blessed be God the Lorde: the Lorde of Israel which only doth wonderous thynges.

19And blessed be the name of his maiestie for euer: and all the earth shalbe fylled with his maiestie. Amen, Amen.

20Here endeth the prayers of Dauid the sonne of Isai.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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