Psalm 79
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A Prayer for Deliverance
(Psalm 74:1–23; Jeremiah 52:1–11)

1A psalme of Asaph. O Lord, the heathen are come into thyne inheritaunce: they haue defiled thy holy temple, they haue made Hierusale an heape of stones

2They haue geuen the dead bodies of thy seruauntes to be meate vnto the foules of the ayre: and the fleshe of thy saintes vnto the beastes of the lande.

3They haue shed their blood like water on euery syde of Hierusalem: and there is none to burie them.

4We are become an open shame vnto our neyghbours: a very scorne and derision vnto them that are rounde about vs.

5O God, howe long wylt thou be angry? shall thy ielousie burne lyke fire for euer?

6Powre out thine indignation vpon the Heathen that haue not knowen thee: and vpon the kingdomes that haue not called vpon thy name.

7For they haue deuoured Iacob: and layde waste his dwelling place.

8O remember not against vs sinnes that be past, with all speede let thy tender mercy preuent vs: for we are brought very lowe.

9Helpe vs O Lord of our saluation for the glory of thy name: deliuer vs, and be mercyfull vnto our sinnes for thy names sake.

10Wherefore do the Heathen say, where is nowe their God? let the vengeaunce of thy seruauntes blood that is shed, be openly knowen amongst the Heathen in our sight.

11Let the sorowfull sighing of the prisoners come before thee, accordyng vnto the greatnes of thy power: preserue thou those that are appoynted to dye.

12And rewarde thou our neighbours seuen folde into their bosome: their blasphemie wherewith they haue blasphemed thee O God.

13So we who be thy people and sheepe of thy pasture wyll confesse thee for euer: and we wyll alway set foorth in wordes thy prayse, from generation to generation.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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