Psalm 74
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Why Have You Rejected Us Forever?
(Psalm 79:1–13; Jeremiah 52:1–11)

1A wise instruction (to be song) of Asaph. O Lorde wherfore dost thou forsake vs altogether? wherfore breaketh foorth thy anger agaynst the sheepe of thy pasture.

2Remember thy congregation, thou hast possest it nowe a long tyme: thou hast redeemed the rodde of thine inheritaunce, euen mount Sion wherein thou dwellest.

3Lyft vp thy feete for to destroy vtterly euery enemie: which hath done euyll in thy sanctuarie.

4Thyne aduersaries roare in the myddest of thy congregations: and set vp their banners for signes of victorie.

5He that hewed tymber afore out of thicke woddes for to builde the temple: was esteemed as one offeryng a present to God aboue.

6But nowe they breake downe into peeces all the carued worke therof: with axes and hammers.

7They haue set fire on thy holy places: they haue defiled the dwellyng place of thy name castyng it downe to the groud.

8Yea, they sayde in their heartes, let vs make hauocke of them altogether: thus haue they burnt vp all the houses of God in the lande.

9We see not our ensignes, there is not one prophete more: no not one is there amongst vs that vnderstandeth our case.

10O Lorde shall the aduersarie do this dishonour continually? shall the enemie blaspheme thy name for euer?

11Why withdrawest thou thy hande, yea thy right hande? consume them, drawing it out of thy bosome.

12Truely God is my kyng of olde: who worketh saluation in the myddest of the earth.

13Thou didst deuide the sea through thy power: thou brakest the heades of the dragons in the waters.

14Thou smotest the heades of Leuiathan in peeces: and gauest hym to be meate for the people in wildernesse.

15Thou broughtest out fountaynes and waters out of the harde rockes: thou dyddest drye vp mightie waters.

16The day is thine, & the nyght is thine: thou hast prepared the light & the sunne.

17Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast ordeyned summer and wynter.

18Remember this O God, the enemie hath dishonoured: and the foolishe people hath blasphemed thy name.

19O deliuer not the soule of thy turtle doue vnto a wylde beast: forget not the congregation of the poore for euer.

20Loke vpon the couenaunt: for darknesse of the earth hath replenisshed houses with iniquitie.

21O let not the simple go away ashamed: but let the afflicted & needy geue prayse vnto thy name.

22Arise O Lord, mayntayne thine owne cause: remember the dishonour that the foolishe man doth vnto thee dayly.

23Forget not the voyce of thine enemies: the mutteryng of them that hate thee ascendeth vp continually.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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