1 Samuel 22
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David Flees to Adullam and Mizpeh
(Psalm 57:1–11; Psalm 142:1–7)

1Dauid wente fro thence, & fled vnto the caue of Adullam. Whan his brethren and all his fathers house herde that, they came downe thither vnto him. 2And there gathered vnto him all men that were in trouble and det, and sory of hert, and he became their heade, so that there were with him vpon a foure hundreth men.

3And Dauid wente from thence towarde Mispa in the londe of the Moabites, and sayde vnto the kynge of the Moabites: Let my father and my mother go out and in amonge you, tyll I se what God wil do with me. 4And he lefte them before the kynge of ye Moabites, so that they remayned by him, as longe as Dauid was in the castell. 5Neuertheles the prophet Gad sayde vnto Dauid: Abyde not in the castell, but go yi waye, and come in to the londe of Iuda. Then departed Dauid, and came into the wodd of Hareth.

Saul Slays the Priests of Nob
(Psalm 52:1–9)

6And Saul herde that Dauid and the men which were with him, were come forth. Now whyle Saul dwelt at Gibea vnder a groue in Rama, he had a Iauelinge in his hande, and all his seruauntes stode by him. 7Then sayde Saul vnto his seruauntes that stode by him: Heare ye children of Iemini: Shal the sonne of Isai geue lodes and vynyardes vnto you all, & make you all captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hudreds, 8that ye haue all conspyred agaynst me, and there is no ma that sheweth it before myne eares, for so moch as my sonne also hath made a couenaunt with the sonne of Isai? There is no man amonge you that letteth it for my sake, or yt openeth it vnto myne eares: for my sonne hath stered vp my seruauntes against me, that he maye laye wayte for me, as it is manifest. 9Then answered Doeg ye Edomite which stode besyde Sauls seruauntes, and sayde: I sawe the sonne of Isai, that he came vnto Nobe, to Ahimelech ye sonne of Achitob, 10which axed councell at the LORDE for him, and gaue him fode, & the swerde of Goliath the Philistyne.

11Then sent the kynge, and caused to call Ahimelech the prest the sonne of Achitob, and all his fathers house, the prestes that were at Nobe, and they came all to the kynge. 12And Saul sayde: Heare thou sonne of Achitob. He saide: Here am I my lorde. 13And Saul sayde vnto him: Wherfore haue ye cospyred agaynst me, thou & the sonne of Isai, that thou hast geuen him bred and a swerde, and axed councell at God for him, to stere him vp, that he mighte laye awayte for me, as it is manifest?

14Ahimelech answered the kynge and saide: And who is amonge all thy seruauntes like Dauid, which is faithfull, and hath maried the kynges doughter, and goeth in thine obedience, & is honorably taken in thine house? 15Haue I begonne then first this daye to axe councell at God for him? That be farre frome. Let not the kinge laie soch to his seruautes charge in all my fathers house: for thy seruaunt knewe not of all these thinges nether small ner greate. 16Neuertheles the kynge saide: Ahimelech thou must dye ye death, thou and all thy fathers house. 17And the kynge sayde to his fote men that stode by him: Turne you, and slaye the prestes of the LORDE, for their hande is with Dauid also. Not withstondinge the kynges seruauntes wolde not not laye their handes vpon ye prestes of the LORDE, to slaye them. 18Then saide ye kynge vnto Doeg: Turne the, and slaye the prestes. Doeg the Edomite turned him, and slewe the prestes, so that the same daye there dyed fyue and foure score men, which wayre ouerbody cotes of lynnen. 19And Nob the cite of the prestes smote he with the edge of the swerde, both men and wemen, children and sucklynges, oxen and asses, and shepe.

20Neuerthelesse there escaped a sonne of Ahimelech (the sonne of Achitob) whose name was Abiathar, and fled after Dauid, 21and tolde him, that Saul had slayne ye prestes of the LORDE. 22Dauid sayde vnto Abiathar: I knewe well the same daye that Doeg the Edomite was there, that he wolde tell Saul. I am giltye of the soules of thy fathers house. 23Abyde thou with me, and feare not. He that layeth wayte for my lyfe, shall laye wayte for thyne also, and thou shalt be preserued with me.

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