1 Samuel 21
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David Takes the Consecrated Bread
(Matthew 12:1–8; Mark 2:23–28; Luke 6:1–5)

1Dauid came to Nobe to ye prest Ahimelech. And Ahimelech was astonnyed, whan he sawe Dauid comminge, and sayde vnto him: Why commest thou alone, and noman is with the? 2Dauid sayde vnto Ahimelech the prest: The kinge hath comytted a matter vnto me, and sayde: Let noma knowe wherfore I haue sent the, and what I haue commaunded the: for I haue appoynted my seruautes to mete me here & there. 3Yf thou haue now ought vnder thy hande, a loafe of bred or fyue, geue me the same in my hande, or what so euer thou findest. 4The prest answered Dauid, and sayde: I haue no comen bred vnder my hande, but the holy bred, yf the yonge men haue onely refrained them selues from wemen. 5Dauid answered the prest, and sayde vnto him: The wemen were kepte thre dayes from vs whan we departed forth, and the yonge mens vessels were holy. But this waye is vnholy, neuerthelesse it shalbe santifyed to daye in the instrumentes. 6Then the prest gaue him of ye holy, in so moch as there was none other bred but the shewbredes, which were taken vp before the LORDE, that there might be other freshbredes set therin the daye wha he toke them awaye.

7But the same daye was there a man sparred in before the LORDE, one of Sauls seruauntes, named Doeg an Edomite, ye mightiest amonge Sauls hyrdmen.

David Flees to Gath
(Psalm 34:1–22; Psalm 56:1–13)

8And Dauid sayde vnto Ahimelech: Is there not a speare or a swerde here vnder thine hande? I haue not taken my swerde and weapens with me: for the kynges matter requyred haist. 9The prest sayde: The swerde of Goliath the Philistyne whom thou smotest in the Oke valley, is here wrapped in a cloth behynde the ouerbody cote. Yf thou wylt haue it, take it, for here is els none but it. Dauid sayde: There is not soch another, geue me it.

10And Dauid gat him vp, and fled from Saul, and came to Achis ye kynge of Gath.

11But Achis seruauntes sayde vnto him: This is Dauid the kynge of the londe, of whom they sunge in the daunse, and sayde: Saul hath smytten his thousande, but Dauid his ten thousande.

12And Dauid toke these wordes to hert, and was sore afrayed of Achis the kynge of Gath, 13and altered his countenaunce before them, and shewed himselfe as he had bene madd in their handes, and stackered towarde the dores of the gate, and his slauerynges ranne downe his beerd. 14Then sayde Achis vnto his seruauntes: Beholde, ye se that the man is out of his wyt, why haue ye brought him vnto me? 15Haue I to fewe madd men, that ye haue brought this hither to be madd before me? Shulde he come in to my house?

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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