1 Timothy 1
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Paul’s Greeting to Timothy
(2 Timothy 1:1–2)

1Paul an Apostle of Iesus Christ acordinge to the commaundement of God oure Sauioure, and of the LORDE Iesus Christ, which is oure hope.

2Vnto Timothy my naturall sonne in the faith. Grace, mercy, and peace from God oure father, and oure LORDE Iesus Christ.

Correcting False Teachers
(Titus 1:10–16)

3As I besoughte ye to abyde still at Ephesus (whan I departed in to Macedonia) eue so do, that thou commaunde some, that they teach none other wyse, 4nether geue hede to fables and genealogies, which are endlesse, and brede doutes more then godly edifyenge, which is by faith. 5For ye chefe summe of the commaundement is loue of a pure hert, and of a good coscience, and of faith vnfayned. 6From the which some haue erred, & haue turned vnto vayne iangelynge, 7wyllinge to be doctours of the scripture, and vnderstonde not what they speake, nether wherof they affirme.

8But we knowe that the lawe is good, yf a man vse it laufully, 9vnderstodinge this, that the lawe is not geuen vnto the righteous, but to the vnrighteous & dishobedient, to the vngodly & to synners, to the vnholy & vncleane, to murthurers of fathers and murthurers of mothers, to manslayers, 10to whoremongers, to the that defyle them selues with mankynde, to menstealers, to lyars, to periured, & so forth yf there be eny other thinge yt is cotrary to ye wholsome doctryne, 11acordinge to ye Gospell of ye glory of the blessed God, which (Gospell) is comytted vnto me.

God’s Grace to Paul

12And I thanke Christ Iesus or LORDE, which hath made me stroge, for he counted me faithfull, & put me in office, 13wha before I was a blasphemer, & a persecuter, & a tyraunt: but I optayned mercy, because I dyd it ignorauntly in vnbeleue. 14Neuertheles the grace of or LORDE was more abudaunt thorow ye faith & loue which is in Christ Iesu. 15For this is a true sayenge, and by all meanes worthy to be receaued, that Christ Iesus came in to ye worlde to saue synners, of whom I am chefe. 16Notwithstondynge for this cause optayned I mercy, that Iesus Christ mighte pryncipally shewe in me all longe pacience, to the ensample of them which shulde beleue in him vnto eternall life. 17So then vnto God kynge euerlastinge, immortall and invisible, and wyse onely, be honoure and prayse for euer and euer Amen.

18This commaundement commytte I vnto the (my sonne Timotheus) acordinge to ye prophecies which in tyme past were prophecied of the, that thou in them shuldest fighte a good fighte, 19hauynge faith & good conscience, which some haue put awaye fro them, and as concernynge faith haue made shypwrake: 20of whose nombre is Hymeneos and Alexander, whom I haue delyuered vnto Sathan, that they might be taught, nomore to blaspheme.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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