Genesis 39
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Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

1Ioseph was brought downe in to Egipte, & Potiphar an Egipcia Pharaos chefe marshall bought him of ye Ismaelites, yt brought him downe. 2And ye LORDE was wt Ioseph, in so moch yt he became a luckye ma, & was in his master ye Egipcians house. 3And his master sawe yt the LORDE was wt him: for what so euer he dyd, the LORDE made it to prospere in his hade: 4so yt he founde fauor in his masters sight, & was his seruaunt. He made him ruler of his house, and put all that he had, vnder his hande. 5And from the tyme forth that he had made him ruler of his house and all his goodes, ye LORDE blessed the Egipcians house for Iosephs sake: and there was nothynge but the very blessynge of the LORDE in all yt he had in ye house & in the felde, 6therfore left he all yt he had, in Iosephs hande. And medled with nothinge himself, saue onely the bred that he ate. And Ioseph was fayre of bewtye, and well fauoured of face. 7And it fortuned after these actes, that his masters wife cast hir eyes vpon Ioseph, and sayde: Slepe with me. 8But he denyed, and saide vnto her: Beholde, my master knoweth not what is in ye house, and all that he hath, that hath he put vnder my hande. 9And there is no man so greate in the house as I, and he hath kepte nothinge fro me, excepte the: for thou art his wife. How shulde I then do so greate euell, and synne agaynst God? 10But she spake soch wordes vnto Ioseph daylie. Neuertheles he herkened not vnto her, to slepe by her, or to be in her company. 11It fortuned vpon a tyme, that Ioseph wente in to the house to do his busynesse, and there was none of ye folkes of the house thereby. 12And she caught him by his garment, & sayde: Slepe with me. But he left the garment in hir hande, and fled, and gat him out of the house.

Joseph Falsely Imprisoned

13Now wha she sawe that he had left his garmet in hir hande, and fled out, 14she called the folkes in the house, and sayde vnto the: Lo, he hath brought vs in the Hebrue, to do vs shame. He came in here vnto me, to slepe by me: but I cried with loude voyce. 15And whan he herde that I made a noyse & cried, he left his garmet here by me, and fled, and ranne out. 16And she layed vp his garmet by her, tyll his master came home, 17and tolde him euen the same wordes, and sayde: The Hebrue seruaunt whom thou broughtest here vnto vs, came in here to me, for to do me shame. 18But whan I made a noyse and cried, he left his garment here by me, and fled out.

19Whan his master herde the wordes of his wyfe which she tolde him, and sayde: Thus hath the Hebrue seruaunt done vnto me, he was very wroth. 20Then his master toke him, and put him in the preson, wherin the kinges presoners laie. And there he laye in preson. 21But the LORDE was with him, and had mercy vpon him, & caused him to fynde fauor in the sight of the officer of ye preson, 22so that he committed all the presoners of the preson vnto his hades: that what so euer were done, might be done by him. 23For the officer of the preson sawe, yt the LORDE was with him in all yt was vnder his handes, and that what so euer he dyd, the LORDE made it to come prosperously to passe.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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