Jeremiah 15
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Judgment to Continue

1Then spake the LORDE vnto me, ad sayde: Though Moses and Samuel stode before me, yet haue I no herte to this people. Dryue them awaye, that they maye go out of my sight.

2And yf they saye vnto the: Whyther shal we go? The tell the: The LORDE geueth you this answere: Some vnto death, some to the swearde, some to honger, some in to captiuyte.

3For I will bringe foure plages vpon them, saieth the LORDE. The swearde shal stragle them, the dogges shal deuoure them, the foules of the ayre ad beestes of the earth shal eate them vp, and destroye them. 4I will scatre them aboute also in all kingdomes and londes to be plaged, because of Manasses the sonne of Ezechias kinge of Iuda, for the thinges that he dyd in Ierusalem.

5Who shal then haue pite vpon the, o Ierusalem? Who shal be sory for the? Or who shal make intercession, to opteyne peace for the?

6seinge thou goest fro me, ad turnest bacwarde, saieth the LORDE? Therfore I will stretch out myne honde agaynst the, to destroye the, and I will not be intreated.

7I will scatre the abrode with the fanne on euery side of the londe: I will waist my people and destroye them, for they haue had no lust to turne from their owne wayes.

8I will make their wyddowes mo in nombre, then the sondes of the see. Vpon ye mothers of their children, I shal bringe a destroyer in the noone daye. Sodenly and vnawarres, shal I sende a feare vpon their cities.

9She that hath borne vij. children, shal haue none, hir herte shalbe ful of sorowe. The Sonne shall fayle her in the cleare daye, when she shalbe confounded and faynte for very heuynesse. As for those yt remayne, I wil delyuer them vnto the swearde off their enemies, saieth the LORDE.

Jeremiah’s Woe

10O mother, alas that euer thou dydest beare me, an enemie and hated of the whole londe: Though I neuer lente ner receaued vpon vsury, yet euery man speake euell vpon me.

11And ye LORDE answered me: Lede not I the then vnto good? Come not I to the, when thou art in trouble: and helpe ye, when thine enemie oppresseth the?

12Doth one yron hurte another, or one metall that cometh from the north, another?

13As for youre riches and treasure, I wil geue them out in to a pray, not for eny money, but because of all youre synnes, that ye haue done i all youre coastes.

14And I wil brige you with youre enemies in to a londe, yt ye knowe not: for the fyre that is kyndled in my indignacion, shal burne you vp.

15O LORDE (sayde I then) thou knowest all thinges, therfore remembre me, ad viset me, delyuer me fro my persecuters: Receaue not my cause in yi loge wrath, yet thou knowest, that for thy sake I suffre rebuke.

16When I had founde thy wordes, I at them vp gredely: they haue made my hert ioyfull & glad. For I call vpon thy name, o LORDE God off hoostes.

17I dwell not amonge the scorners, nether is my delyte therin: but I dwell only in the feare of thy honde, for thou hast fylled me with bytternes.

18Shall my heuynes endure for euer? Are my plages then so greate, yt they maye neuer be healed? Wilt thou be as a water, that falleth, and can not contynue?

The LORD’s Promise

19Vpon these wordes, thus sayde the LORDE vnto me: Yf thou wilt turne agayne, I shal set the in my seruyce: and yf thou wilt take out the thinge that is precious from the vyle, thou shalt be euen as myne owne mouth. They shal conuerte vnto the, but turne not thou vnto the:

20and so shal I make the a stroge wall of stele agaynst this people. They shal fight agaynst the, but they shal not preuayle. For I myself will be with the, to helpe the, and delyuer the, saieth the LORDE.

21And I will ryd the out of the hondes of the wicked, and delyuer the out of the honde of Tirauntes.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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