Jonah 3
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The Ninevites Repent
(Matthew 12:38–42; Luke 11:29–32)

1Then came the worde of the LORDE vnto Ionas agayne, sayenge: 2vp, and get the to Niniue that greate cite, & preach vnto them the preachinge, which I bade the. 3So Ionas arose, and wente to Niniue at the LORDES commaundement. Niniue was a greate cite vnto God, namely, off thre dayes iourney. 4And Ionas wente to, and entred in to ye cite: euen a dayes iourney, and cried, sayenge: There are yet xl. dayes, and then shal Niniue be ouerthrowen.

5And the people of Niniue beleued God, and proclamed fastinge, and arayed them selues in sack cloth, as well the greate as the small of them. 6And the tydinges came vnto ye kinge of Niniue, which arose out off his seate, and dyd his apparell off, and put on sack cloth, and sate him downe in asshes. 7And it was cried and commaunded in Niniue, by the auctorite of the kige and his lordes, sayenge: se that nether man or beest, oxe or shepe taist ought at all: and that they nether fede ner drincke water: 8but put on sack cloth both man and beest, and crye mightely vnto God: yee se that euery man turne fro his euell waye, and from the wickednesse, yt he hath in honde. 9Who can tell? God maye turne, and repete, and cease from his fearce wrath, that we perish not.

10And when God sawe their workes, how they turned from their wicked wayes: he repented on the euell, which he sayde he wolde do vnto them, and dyd it not.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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