Lamentations 5
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A Prayer for Restoration

1Call to remebraunce (O LORDE) what we haue suffred, cosidre and se oure cofucion.

2Oure enheritaunce is turned to the straungers, & oure houses to the aleauntes.

3We are become carefull and fatherlesse, and oure mothers are as the wydowes.

4We are fayne to drynke oure owne water for moneye, and oure owne wod must we bye with moneye.

5Oure neckes are vnder persecucion, we are weery, and haue no rest.

6Afore tyme we yelded oure selues to the Egipcians, and now to the Assirians, only that we might haue bred ynough.

7Oure fathers (which now are gone) haue synned, & we must beare their wickednesse.

8Seruauntes haue the rule of vs, and no man delyuereth vs out of their hodes.

9We must get or lyuynge with the parell of oure lyues, because of the drouth of the wildernesse.

10Oure skynne is as it had bene brent in an ouen, for very sore honger.

11The wyues are raueshed in Sion, & the maydens in the cities of Iuda.

12The prynces are hanged vp with the honde of the enemies, they haue not spared the olde sage men,

13they haue taken yonge mens lyues from them, and the boyes are hanged vp vpon trees.

14The elders syt no more vnder the gates, and the yonge men vse nomore playenge of Musick.

15The ioye of oure herte is gone, oure mery quere is turned in to mourninge.

16The garlande of oure heade is fallen: alas, that euer we synned so sore.

17Therfore oure hert is full of heuynesse, & oure eyes dymme:

18because of ye hill of Sion that is destroyed, In so moch, that the foxes runne vpon it.

19But thou (O LORDE) that remaynest for euermore, and thy seate worlde with out ende:

20Wherfore wilt thou still forget vs, and forsake vs so longe?

21O LORDE: Turne thou vs vnto the, & so shal we be turned. Renue or daies as in olde tyme,

22for thou hast now banished vs longe ynough, and bene sore displeased at vs.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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