Proverbs 22
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A Good Name

1A good name is more worth then greate riches, and louynge fauor is better then syluer and golde.

2Whether riches or pouerte do mete vs, it commeth all of God.

3A wyse man seyth the plage and hydeth himself, but the foolish go on still and are punyshed.

4The ende of lowlynes & the feare of God, is riches, honor, prosperite and health.

5Speares and snares are in ye waye of the frowarde, but he yt wil kepe his soule, let him fle fro soch.

6Yf thou teachest a childe in his youth what waye he shulde go, he shall not leaue it when he is olde.

7The rich ruleth the poore, and ye borower is seruaunt to ye lender.

8He yt soweth wickednesse, shal reape sorowe, & the rodde of his plage shal destroye him.

9A louynge eye shalbe blessed, for he geueth of his bred vnto ye poore.

10Cast out ye scornefull man, and so shal strife go out wt him, yee variaunce and slaunder shal cease.

11Who so delyteth to be of a clene herte and of gracious lyppes, ye kynge shal be his frende.

12The eyes of ye LORDE preserue knowlege, but as for ye wordes of ye despyteful, he bryngeth them to naught.

13The slouthfull body sayeth: there is a lyo wt out, I might be slayne in ye strete.

14The mouth of an harlot is a depe pytt, wherin he falleth that ye LORDE is angrie withall.

15Foolishnes sticketh in the herte of ye lad, but ye rod of correccion driueth it awaye.

16Who so doth a poore man wronge to increase his owne riches, geueth (comoly) vnto the rich, and at the last commeth to pouerte himself.

Thirty Sayings of the Wise

17My sonne, bowe downe thine eare, and herken vnto the wordes of wysdome, applye yi mynde vnto my doctryne:

18for it is a pleasaunt thinge yf thou kepe it in thine herte, and practise it in thy mouth:

19that thou mayest allwaye put yi trust in the LORDE.

20Haue not I warned ye very oft with councell and lerninge?

21yt I might shewe ye the treuth and that thou wt the verite mightest answere them yt laye eny thinge against ye?

Saying 2

22Se yt thou robbe not ye poore because he is weake, and oppresse not ye simple in iudgment:

23for ye LORDE himself wyl defende their cause, and do violence vnto them yt haue vsed violence.

Saying 3

24Make no fredshipe with an angrie wylfull man, and kepe no company wt ye furious:

25lest thou lerne his wayes, and receaue hurte vnto thy soule.

Saying 4

26Be not thou one of them yt bynde ther hande vpo promyse, and are suertie for dett:

27for yf thou hast nothinge to paye, they shal take awaye thy bed from vnder the.

Saying 5

28Thou shalt not remoue the lande marcke, which thy fore elders haue sett.

Saying 6

29Seist thou not, yt they which be diligent in their busines stonde before kynges, and not amonge the symple people?

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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