Psalm 110
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

God’s Faithful Messiah
(Genesis 14:17–24; Hebrews 5:1–10)

1The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my right hande, vntill I make thine enemies thy fotestole.

2The LORDE shal sende the rodde of thy power out of Sion, be thou ruler euen in ye myddest amonge thine enemies.

3In the daye of thy power shal thy people offre the frewill offeringes with an holy worshipe, ye dewe of thy byrth is of the wobe of the mornynge.

4The LORDE sware, and wil not repent: Thou art a prest for euer after ye order of Melchisedec.

5The LORDE vpon thy right honde, shal smyte euen kynges in the daye of his wrath.

6He shal be iudge amoge the Heithen, he shal fyll them with deed bodies, and smyte in sonder the heades ouer dyuerse countres.

7He shal drynke of the broke in the waye, therfore shal he lift vp his heade.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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