Psalm 141
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Come Quickly to Me
(Psalm 70:1–5)

1Lorde, I call vpon the: haist the vnto me, and consider my voyce, whe I crie vnto the.

2Let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incese, and let the liftinge vp of my hades be an euenynge sacrifice.

3Set a watch (o LORDE) before my mouth, yee a watch at the dore of my lippes.

4O let not myne hert be enclyned to eny euell thige, to be mynded as the vngodly or wicked men, lest I eate of soch thinges as please the

5Let the rightuous (rather) smyte me frendly, and reproue me: so wil I take it, as though he had poured oyle vpo my heade: it shal not hurte my heade, yee I wil praye yet for their wickednesse.

6Their iudges stoble at the stone, yet heare they my wordes, yt they be ioyfull.

7Oure bones lye scatered before ye pytt, like as when one graueth and dyggeth vp the grounde.

8But myne eyes loke vnto ye, o LORDE God: in the is my trust, oh cast not out my soule.

9Kepe me fro ye snare which they haue layed for me, and fro the trappes of the wicked doers.

10Let the vngodly fall in to their owne nettes together, vntill I be gone by them.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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