Daniel 9
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Daniel’s Prayer

1In the first year of Darius,a the son of Ahasuerus, a Mede by birth, who was made king over the Chaldean kingdom —  2in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the books according to the word of the Lord to the prophet Jeremiah that the number of years for the desolation of Jerusalem would be seventy.a 3So I turned my attention to the Lord God to seek him by prayer and petitions, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.a

4I prayed to the Lord my God and confessed:

Ah, Lord — the great and awe-inspiring Goda who keeps his gracious covenantb with those who love himc and keep his commandsd —  5we have sinned,a done wrong, acted wickedly, rebelled,b and turned away from your commands and ordinances.c 6We have not listened to your servants the prophets,a who spoke in your name to our kings, leaders, ancestors, and all the people of the land.

7Lord, righteousness belongs to you,a but this day public shame belongs to us: the men of Judah, the residents of Jerusalem, and all Israel — those who are near and those who are far, in all the countries where you have banished them because of the disloyalty they have shown toward you. 8Lord, public shamea belongs to us, our kings, our leaders, and our ancestors, because we have sinned against you.b 9Compassion and forgiveness belong to the Lord our God, though we have rebelled against him 10and have not obeyed the Lord our God by following his instructions that he set before us through his servantsa the prophets.

11All Israel has broken your law and turned away,a refusing to obey you. The promised curseA written in the law of Moses,b the servant of God, has been poured out on us because we have sinned against him. 12He has carried out his wordsa that he spoke against us and against our rulersa b by bringing on us a disaster that is so great that nothing like what has been done to Jerusalem has ever been donec under all of heaven. 13Just as it is written in the law of Moses,a all this disaster has come on us, yet we have not sought the favor ofb the Lord our God by turning from our iniquities and paying attention to your truth.c 14So the Lord kept the disaster in mind and brought it on us, for the Lord our God is righteous in all he has done. But we have not obeyed him.

15Now, Lord our God — who brought your people out of the land of Egypt with a strong handa and made your name renownedb as it is this day — we have sinned, we have acted wickedly. 16Lord, in keeping with all your righteous acts, may your anger and wratha turn away from your city Jerusalem, your holy mountain;b for because of our sins and the iniquities of our ancestors, Jerusalem and your people have become an object of ridicule to all those around us.

17Therefore, our God, hear the prayer and the petitions of your servant. Make your face shinea on your desolate sanctuaryb for the Lord’s sake. 18Listen closely,A my God, and hear. Open your eyes and see our desolations and the city that bears your name. For we are not presenting our petitions before you based on our righteous acts, but based on your abundant compassion. 19Lord, hear! Lord, forgive! Lord, listen and act! My God, for your own sake, do not delay,a because your city and your people bear your name.

The Seventy Weeks of Years

20While I was speaking, praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel,a and presenting my petition before the Lord my God concerning the holy mountain of my God —  21while I was praying, Gabriel,a the man I had seen in the first vision,b reached me in my extreme weariness, about the time of the evening offering.c 22He gave me this explanation: “Daniel, I’ve come now to give you understanding.a 23At the beginning of your petitions an answer went out, and I have come to give it, for you are treasured by God.a a So consider the message and understand the vision:b

24Seventy weeks are decreeda

about your people and your holy city —

to bring the rebellion to an end,

to put a stop to sin,

to atone for iniquity,

to bring in everlasting righteousness,b

to seal up vision and prophecy,

and to anoint the most holy place.

25Know and understand this:

From the issuing of the decree

to restore and rebuild Jerusalema

until an Anointed One,b the ruler,A

will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks.

It will be rebuilt with a plaza and a moat,

but in difficult times.

26After those sixty-two weeks

the Anointed One will be cut offa

and will have nothing.

The people of the coming ruler

will destroy the cityb and the sanctuary.A

TheB end will come with a flood,c

and until the end there will beC war;

desolations are decreed.

27He will make a firm covenantA

with many for one week,

but in the middle of the week

he will put a stop to sacrifice and offering.

And the abomination of desolationa

will be on a wingb of the templeB C

until the decreed destructionc

is poured out on the desolator.”

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